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Tips used boat buying: buy boat / yacht used

The last two years have brought an unprecedented boom to shipyards and boat dealers. Many who previously only dreamed of buying a sailing or motor yacht are now proud owners. And who decides now for a shipyard-new ship, must count on a waiting period of several years. So rather invest in a used yacht? With these SeaHelp tips for successful...

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Catamaran vs. monohull yacht

When choosing the right yacht for your vacation, you need to consider many things. How big should the ship be, how many berths should be available? Does the crew want to sail actively, or rather relax in the sun? Do the sailors want to sail to a harbor for the night, or would they rather stay in a romantic anchorage?...

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Shopping by dinghy: bay with anchored yachts

Many owners of larger yachts know the problem: for shopping you come with the yacht often not close enough to land to be able to bunker for the next few days, whether because of lack of space, lack of mooring infrastructure on land or because it is simply too flat on the shore. But why do you have a dinghy...

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Pistolshrimp (Alpheidae): Provides noise on board

It is one of the few remaining "mysteries" of the sport shipping, which apparently could not be explained yet or not sufficiently scientifically: mysterious, indefinable, mostly nocturnal noises on board bring many crews to the brink of a nervous breakdown. But what is it really that crackles, pops, rustles, tingles and cracks there on a regular basis?. Some crews describe...

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