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Christmas gifts for sailors: Books guaranteed to arrive.

With the lighting of the first Advent candle, we have started the countdown to Christmas. In around four weeks’ time, we want to present our loved ones and everyone we want to make happy for Christmas with carefully wrapped gifts. A gift that is guaranteed to arrive and be used for a long time. SeaHelp has taken a look at the wish lists of sailors and presents gift tips for water sports enthusiasts in three episodes. In the first episode, we present selected books from millemari Publishing.


Book Tip 1

“Once Munich – Antalya, please”

On the art of traveling slowly.

The description of a longing journey under sail! The travel memoirs of author Thomas Käsbohrer, who after an abrupt career end decides to travel by bus from Munich to the Slovenian Izola, and from there to sail with his small sailboat “Levje” ever further east, are with each page a true reading pleasure. Readers accompany the author on his five-month journey along a millennia-old route through the Mediterranean to Antalya in Turkey.

The reader of “Einmal München – Antalya, bitte” can expect a book about history and people on the coasts of the Mediterranean, about the longing for the sea and the search for what can be called a “happy life”. Where others still call for “deceleration,” “Once Munich – Antalya, please.” feels like a day at sea: you never want to get off the boat again.

Book: Thomas Käsbohrer

The book:
Once Munich – Antalya, please.
Thomas Käsbohrer
320 pages 24,95 Euro
eBook in all formats 9,99 Euro
ISBN 978-3-946014-27-0

The film:
Once Munich – Antalya, please.
60 min. HD. 24,99 €



Book Tip 2

Area Compass Croatia North.

Insider knowledge for the dream cruise between Koper and Kornati.

Croatia and Slovenia – the dream destinations in the Mediterranean for those who love bays and want to experience authentic country cuisine or lively city life. Between Koper and Kornati there are countless cruising destinations. Anchorages and marinas invite you to discover the country from on board. The Revier-Kompass Kroatien Nord, which we have already presented in detail at SeaHelp, takes you to the highlights along the Slovenian and Croatian coasts that can be reached by boat.

“Hidden object” aerial photos show how to get there, where to dock, and what to see. The Area Compass delivers the ultimate in vacation experience in the form of 35 selected cruising destinations, with information worth knowing about natural and cultural experiences, marinas and restaurants, and, of course, anchorages.

A book full of well-researched suggestions for your personal bucket list in the world’s most popular sailing destination.

The book Area Compass Croatia North, an ideal gift for Christmas for sailors

The book:
Croatia North.
Insider knowledge for your dream cruise between Koper and Kornati islands
Completely 4-color
160 pages, 24,95 Euro
ISBN 978-3-96706-047-8
Also available hardcover 32,00 Euro
as well as eBook



Book tip 3

“Manual Storm Tactics”

Sailing safely in extreme conditions.

Fear of storms has kept many capable sailors from venturing out on the open seas. This book shows proven methods for properly handling a little extra wind that work for all sizes and types of sailing yachts. Special sections explain storm sail construction, sea anchor technology, and how to properly prepare the crew for some rough hours on board.

The storm tactics presented in this book have been tested by the author couple Lin and Larry Pardey not only off Cape Horn, but also in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea. Translated and edited by Thomas Käsbohrer, these accounts of their experiences have been supplemented with information, graphics and pictures to help keep calm in a storm and do the right thing to bring ship and crew safely into port.

Handbook of Storm Tactics: Sailing Safely in Extreme Conditions

The book:
Handbook of Storm Tactics
Sailing safely under extreme conditions
300 pages, 29,95 Euro
Also available as gift book with dust jacket and ribbon 39,95 Euro
ISBN 978-3-96706-023-2
and as eBook




Book Tip 4


Extreme situations at sea.

Few people voluntarily go to sea when the wind is blowing at 8, 9 or more Beaufort. The stormy sea is a place of walls of water, rain fronts, gusts like slaps in the face, a dancing horizon and noise that swallows every word.

In “Storm. Sailors on their most dramatic hours” Thomas Käsbohrer has collected the stories of 30 sailors who take on storm and waves to bring their ship, crew and themselves safely back to shore. They tell of how vacation sailing, which had just been cheerful, turns into danger to life and limb out of the blue. How the Atlantic crossing suddenly leads to capsizing in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. How the anchorage off the dream island, which was thought to be safe, becomes an inescapable trap for four yachts, from which only one escapes. Stories of storms in the Ijsselmeer are included as well as stories of waterspouts in the Mediterranean or storms in the Caribbean. An adventure book for anyone who loves the sea.

The Book Storm: Sailors on Their Most Dramatic Hours

The book:
Sailors on their most dramatic hours
Paperback, 300 pages, 24,95 Euro
ISBN 978-3-946014-07-2
Hardcover 300 pages, 39,95 Euro
ISBN 978-3-946014-09-6
eBook 14,99 Euro
Audiobook with 11 stories! Read by Dominic Kolb
2:38 playing time, 19,99 Euro
ISBN 978-3-96706-014-0


Book Tip 5

“My boat is my home”

Technology & tips to make the dream of living aboard a boat a reality.

Cabin instead of fireplace: when Holger Peterson trades his cozy home for life on his small steel yacht, not only many practical questions arise, but also a myriad of experiences, encounters and adventures. This book motivates to see cruising and on-board life as a holistic alternative to life on land – with an unobstructed view of the sea or the cities on the rivers from “unobstructed waterfront property”. To work in the morning, to the boat in the evening – and that even in winter? Holger Peterson lives this dream and shows that living on board is a real alternative. This book shows how you can turn your own boat into a floating home with little money, some technical know-how and a dose of idealism.

Book by Holger Peterson: My Boat is My Home

The book:
My Boat is My Home
Holger Peterson
4th, expanded edition
296 pages Paperback 29,95 Euro
eBook: all formats 14,99 Euro
ISBN 978-3-96706-035-5

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