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COVID 19 pandemic in Croatia is abating: The start of Croatian yacht tourism is imminent – ACI marinas open gradually

ACI Marinas nach COVID-19-Pandemie wieder aktiv
Die Marinas der kroatischen ACI-Marina-Gruppe wie hier die ACI-Marina Pula, nehmen schrittweise ihre Tätigkeit nach der COVID-19-Pandemie wieder auf. Rezeptionen besetzt, Kranen, Service- und Wartungsarbeiten sind möglich.
This should probably convince even the last sceptics who still doubted the start of the water sports season 2020 in the Croatian Adriatic: With effect from 4 May 2020, operations in Croatian ACI marinas will return to normal, and reception, maintenance and service companies will resume their activities, albeit with certain restrictions due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This should mean that the first owners will probably return to their yachts soon.

Click here for the wording of the declaration on the homepage of the ACI marinas due to the subsiding COVID-19 pandemic: LINK

Activities in ACI marinas partially normalized

After the evaluation of the epidemic situation by the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, the situation was assessed as stable and the Government of the Republic of Croatia decided on 27 April to relax the corona measures.

Accordingly, we are resuming the activities leading to a normalization of our business. However, in view of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, all marinas are operated under a special regime.

Receptions will be reopened for direct customer service from Monday, May 4. The following corona measures will be observed:

  • Depending on the size of the reception area (reception) and the measures for social distancing, a limited number of customers may stay in the reception area at the same time.
  • Reception staff observe all corona measures (wearing of masks obligatory, disinfection of the reception area and other surfaces frequently touched by customers).
  • Payments for daily berths should only be made via online applications, ACI App and ACI Online Booking, and without depositing the boat documents at the reception of the Marina.

The services such as lifting and lowering of the boats, as well as maintenance and service of boats, will be fully normalized. The measures for social distancing will be respected. The opening of the seasonal ACI marinas of Rab, Žut, Piškera and Palmižana (anyway only open in summer, editor’s note) has been postponed.

In the circumstances caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, it is of the utmost importance for us to protect the health of our employees, customers and partners, while at the same time providing reliable services to all regular customers in all our marinas.

Therefore, we continue to follow all measures, instructions and recommendations and remain available to all customers to inform them in a timely manner about the continuation of activities.

Water sports tourism takes off

And now to put this news in its overall context: Adriatic Croatia International Club, also known as ACI Club or simply ACI, is the largest chain of high quality marinas in the Mediterranean. ACI dd., which is listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, is majority state-owned. One can normally assume that when such a company starts up its activities again, brings back staff and even refills the reception areas, water sports tourism should also slowly start up again, because otherwise such measures would make little sense.

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