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7-day incidence and 14-day incidence: Now also Corona data daily updated for Slovenia and Italy.

Italien und Slowenien: Tagesaktuelle Coronavirus Inzidenz
Auf der SeaHelp-Homepage findet man jetzt die tagesaktuellen 7-Tage-Inzidenzen und 14-Tage-Inzidenzen für die norditalienischen und die slowenischen Küstengebiete an der Adria.

The Easter season is just around the corner and with the rising temperatures on the Adriatic Sea, the desire of many boat and yacht owners to return to their boats in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia after a long absence to prepare them for the coming summer is also increasing. However, the trip to the Adriatic always resonates with the uneasy feeling: Will I be at least relatively protected from COVID-19 there on my Easter vacation?

Current incidences Italy and Slovenia (coast)

To provide an answer to this pressing question, SeaHelp has now also compiled the 7-day incidence and 14-day incidence from the coastal regions of Northern Italy in the area from Venice to Trieste included, which are prepared daily updated. And because many German and Austrian yacht owners also use Slovenian marinas, Slovenia’s figures have also been included.

Now Corona data from Lignano to Dubrovnik

Or to put it another way: From now on, users of our homepage can access all Corona data from the areas covered by SeaHelp, from Lignano to Dubrovnik, at a glance and thus make a risk assessment for themselves.

Comparability of Corona data important

Without exception, the data comes from official sources, which ultimately also provide the same figures to the EU. The difference to the SeaHelp presentation: we prepare it clearly and relate it exclusively to the relevant coastal regions, so that visitors to our homepage can see at a glance what the current situation is in their target area. Moreover, the data are prepared according to the usual forms in the tourists’ countries of origin, in order to better compare them with the corona situation at home.

A more differentiated view of infection incidence is desirable

However, we also have a little hope: If one can see at a glance how the Corona numbers develop in northern Italy, Slovenia or the coastal regions of Croatia, this should also lead in the long term to the fact that on the part of the governments in Austria and Germany the whole happening is again somewhat more differentiatedly regarded and one changes over instead of countries comprehensive travel warnings again to partial travel warnings.

Incidence values for Lignano, Udine region

Currently, the incidence of infection is also developing differently in different regions: for example, the 7-day incidence in the Udine region, which includes Lignano, is currently (as of March 1) 262.9, while the 14-day incidence is 505.3. But beware: the numbers in the region are declining and are likely to be at a much lower level on the coast.

[wpdatatable id=19 table_view=regular]

incidences per 100,000 population. This table can be sorted accordingly when clicking on the headings Province, Active Cases, 7-Day Incidence, and 14-Day Incidence.
Data source Italy: Dipartimento della Protezione Civile | As of .
| Data analysis / data preparation: Sea-Help GmbH

Incidence values Slovenia for Ankaran, Koper, Izola, Piran

The situation is currently still much more critical in Slovenia: In the coastal areas Koper, Ankaran, Izola, and Piran (with Portoroz), the 7-day incidence as well as the 14-day incidence are still surprisingly high.

[wpdatatable id=28 table_view=regular]

incidences per 100,000 inhabitants. This table can be sorted accordingly when clicking on the head terms Municipality, Active cases, 7-day incidence, and 14-day incidence.
Data source Slovenia : Covid-19 Tracker Slovenia | Data analysis/data preparation: Sea-Help GmbH

Ownership crucial

But incidence values are one thing; the reality for boat and yacht owners whose vessels are based in the relevant regions is ultimately quite different: Stays in the fresh air, preferably still in sunshine, give the dangerous aerosols hardly a chance to transport the corona viruses. Especially if one keeps an appropriate distance and wears a mask at least when these distance rules cannot be observed. Ultimately, it is up to each person how he behaves and whether he exposes himself to the risk of infection, whether in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia or Croatia.


Coronavirus Croatia: Current Information on Covid-19

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