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The most beautiful sideline in the wardrobe: SeaHelp member action

The Caleos® is more than a wooden shoehorn from the hands of a master carpenter. Because it exemplifies the combination of design and function – and thus proves to be a decorative accent and the most beautiful accessory in any wardrobe, whether in the house or on the yacht. SeaHelp members can now purchase this high-quality product at a preferential price.

The Caleos® is first of all a wooden shoehorn (also: shoehorn), i.e. a sliding rail that supports the gentle and comfortable putting on of low shoes (and to a certain extent also of boots). What applies to normal street shoes, also applies to board shoes: first and foremost, this protects the shoe.

The rear cap of the upper, which supports and guides the hindfoot, is protected from excessive stretching or even buckling by the shoehorn. The same applies to the socks, which are spared excessive friction and stretching when the shoe is put on. And: in general, the entry by means of shoehorns is more comfortable and faster, especially with close-fitting and very high quality shoes.

The Caleos® shoehorns are high-tech and natural products; they are made of six wood veneers

All sufficiently stable, not too easily deformable or even breakable materials with a smooth surface lend themselves to the production of shoehorns. Originally, the dressing aids were made of horn, which also gave them the English name shoehorn.

The shapes are mostly relatively similar: a slightly curved sliding bar, hollow or spoon-shaped on the side facing the heel. The basic shape of the cow horn (cut open lengthwise) already brought this basic shape with it by nature.

The Caleos® shoehorn made by master carpenter Christian Dauser from Ebensee has long since ceased to be made of horn as the first examples once were. His manufactured pieces are both high-tech and natural products, because his Caleos® always consists of six wafer-thin and carefully selected
wood veneers. These enclose a carbon core, which gives it its amazing bending strength.


Christian Dauser - Caleos®
Christian Dauser© CALEOS®


Each school spoon is unique, delivered highly polished or naturally oiled

Each shoehorn from Ebensee is unique, made of very special wood: cut to size by hand, glued, sanded and varnished or naturally oiled; making it as individual as the people themselves – no two are alike. “We offer many different types of wood and can supply the Caleos® in a high-gloss finish or naturally oiled,” says master carpenter Dauser. This makes it an “excellent gift” for the buyer himself as well as for customers, employees, family or good friends.



Available in two lengths (58 or 68 centimeters), the shoehorn can also be personalized by laser engraving upon request; all Caleos® come complete with a stainless steel hanging button with mounting screw, packaged in a high-quality gift box.



For SeaHelp members, the price is reduced by 50 euros

Of course, such a high-quality product also has its price: for example, 294 euros you pay for a Caleos® 68 centimeters in the wood type Pao Violetta, surface high gloss, including a beautiful gift box, plus shipping. For SeaHelp members the price is reduced by 50 euros, they pay only 244 euros – including VAT and shipping costs.

Orders are accepted personally by master carpenter Christian Dauser. For a reduced price order, please take a screenshot (Android, Apple) of the SeaHelp digital membership card (SeaHelp app) membership data to


CALEOS® Wooden Shoehorn | The Most Beautiful Secondary Thing in Your Wardrobe

CALEOS® | Christian Dauser
Almhausstraße 24c
A-4802 Ebensee | Austria

Tel: +43 660 850 5 850



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