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SeaHelp warns: Delaware yacht registration is invalid in the EU

SeaHelp warns: the Delaware yacht registration does not apply to the EU. The breakdown service at sea recommends: who wants to register his yacht effectively, can do this inexpensively, quickly and reliably through the SeaHelp partner Yacht Registration Holland.

Delaware Yacht Registration is advertised as having a yacht registration available in three days for all nationalities at a price of $179 or $249 (quote):

“Yes, you can register a boat in Delaware (USA) and your boat papers will be valid in any country in the world. This means, for example, that a European who registers his boat in Delaware can visit any European port with these documents. (…) If you need your documents in a hurry, we can do it in 3 days! (…) For the 3-day express service, there is an initial service fee of 179 USD (max. 15 days) or 249 USD.”

The seemingly simple, quick and inexpensive way of registering a yacht has led to many boat owners registering their yacht this way. In Europe, especially in the region of the eastern Mediterranean Sea one meets so marked boats desöfteren.

The problem: this type of registration is a country and not a state registration; it is intended for boats that are moored for at least 60 days in the small US East Coast state and are also used there; the Delaware yacht registration thus explicitly does not apply to other, esp. EU countries. Petr Zajíček from SeaHelp-Office East warns: “Many boat owners do not know this and risk a lot when they are underway with this type of yacht registration, for example in EU waters”.

This yacht registration does not comply with the law and can cause the owner “a lot of serious problems,” Zajíček said. The Delaware registration is suitable only for boats that would be in the territorial waters of this state, “this type of yacht registration does not mean protection of the U.S. state of Delaware for the yacht,” warns the yacht registration professional.

To prevent abuse of this type of yacht registration, he said US State of Delaware has meanwhile taken measures aimed at ensuring legality and validity. Thus, as a condition for effectiveness, among other things, applicants would be required to represent that they are the owner of the boat in question and that Delaware is the state in whose territory the boat is prinizipiel used. In addition, applicants would have to agree to notify authorities immediately if the boat is not (no longer) used in Delaware.

“If these conditions are violated, the owners can be penalized,” says Zajíček, adding that in the worst case, the penalty could be up to one year in prison, and the yacht could be seized. Zajíček therefore recommends registering yachts internationally through SeaHelp partner Yacht Registration Holland to avoid these problems. Supplementary services such as MMSI or AIS registrations would also be handled inexpensively, quickly and reliably at YRH.

More info on yacht registration through SeaHelp partner Yacht Registration Holland


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