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Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski: The cleanest water in the Adriatic

Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) presents itself
Abendstimmung in der Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski.

Opened in April 2017, Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski boasts probably the cleanest water of all Croatian marinas. The reason for the crystal clear water, which allows you to see the seabed at almost every point of the marina, is freshwater springs from the Velebit Mountains that pour into the bay of Marina Mitan. The mixture of crystal-clear mountain spring water and the water of the Adriatic Sea offers an additional side effect that should not be underestimated: in the hot summer months, it provides a cooling effect on board in the cabins that should not be underestimated, making air conditioning partly superfluous. Once you have left the Marina Mitan, however, the Adriatic is warm again as usual, the cooling effect of the springs is then gone and does not stand in the way of unrestricted bathing pleasure.

180 berths for yachts up to 30 metres in length

But this unique selling point is not the reason why the 180 berths for yachts up to 30 metres long were occupied relatively quickly after the marina was built: Modern restaurants and cafés offering regional specialities, well-maintained sanitary facilities and, of course, fresh water, electricity, a yacht shop, a 20-tonne crane, boat refuelling station and a small market offer almost everything an owner’s heart could desire. And if visitors are announced, there are, of course, appropriately luxurious overnight accommodations with a direct sea view adjacent to the marina.


Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) presents itself


“Feel-good climate” in Marina Mitan

All in all, the marina presents itself as highly service-oriented, from its own webcam for observing the yachts to a very attentive service that is always on hand when the weather gods have not been so kind to the valuable contents of Marina Mitan to the friendly, almost caring behaviour of the staff, the guests of the marina can feel completely at ease.


Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) presents itself


Attractive architecture

Added to this is the special architecture, which adapts to the natural conditions and integrates almost perfectly into the landscape. A café or a sundowner in the lounge bar with a view of the sea and the silhouette of Krk in the sunset let the day end in a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere.


Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) presents itself


Safe berths, little swell

At the same time, you can be sure that even in bad weather your own yacht is largely protected from the waves of the Adriatic: a breakwater more than 240 metres long, which also serves as a jetty for larger yachts of up to 80 metres in length with a corresponding draught, ensures relatively little surge in the marina.

Aufmerksamer, individueller Service

You will realise that this is not the usual advertising slogan used by many marinas to attract their guests, at the latest when you are on the relevant forums.

Interested parties who have moored there permanently with their yacht report attentive, individual service, where even little things like parking spaces and winter storage do not fall by the wayside.


Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) presents itself


Many come to stay

In short, Marina Mitan is definitely worth a visit. And many have ultimately come to stay.


Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) presents itself


Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) presents itself


Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) presents itself


Marina Mitan in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) presents itself


More information:

Obala dr. Josipa Sokolića 1
51250 Novi Vinodolski

Telefon: +385 51 627 762

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