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Decarbonization of the yacht industry: New IPS Professional platform from Volvo Penta presented at boot

Volvo Penta IPS - Sanlorenzo: Eco Mode feature

The future on the water is electric. Sanlorenzo and Volvo Penta recently announced a collaboration at boot in Düsseldorf. The common goal is to reduce harmful emissions, while at the same time the companies promise “unprecedented flexibility for renewable fuels, hybrid and electric drives” for leisure yachts. SeaHelp presents interesting, forward-looking projects in the field of e-mobility and alternative drives on the water for sports skippers in loose succession.</strong

Volvo Penta and Sanlorenzo announced at boot, which runs until 28 January. January 28 in Düsseldorf, Germany, that they are working together to bring Volvo Penta’s IPS Professional Platform, the industry’s most advanced technology and propulsion platform for commercial seagoing vessels and superyachts, to two new Sanlorenzo yachts, the SX120 and SX132.



The two models are expected to be launched in 2025 and 2027 respectively and will be the first superyachts to be equipped with the IPS Professional platform.

The IPS (pod) system from Swedish manufacturer Volvo Penta, which is superior to shaft systems in terms of maneuverability and performance, was previously reserved for smaller yachts and boats. The characteristic feature of Volvo Penta’s IPS drive is the forward-facing, counter-rotating towing propellers that generate horizontal thrust (see our news item “Shaft, sterndrive or pod? – The Volvo Penta IPS system“).

From now on, the popular Inboard Performance System from Volvo Penta is also available for larger yachts

The IPS (Inboard Performance System) propulsion system with the popular joystick control, first presented by Volvo in 2024, is now also available for larger yachts. This takes comfort, performance and sustainability on board commercial vessels and superyachts to a new level.

Equipped with new smart technology features and designed for greater sustainability, the IPS Professional platform is said by the manufacturer to deliver “exceptional efficiency”, with users seeing a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of up to 30 percent.

“When introducing new solutions to superyachts, we need to consider the experience of the owner and captain. The IPS Professional platform not only offers a new level of efficiency and flexibility, but also enhances the yachting experience through the fully integrated rudder-to-propeller platform,” said Johan Inden, President of Volvo Penta Marine at the launch at the Blue Innovation Dock at boot.


Johan Inden President of Volvo Penta Marine
Johan Inden President of Volvo Penta Marine


Collaboration with Sanlorenzo marks a new path to decarbonization in the yacht sector

Smart features combined with the unique design of the platform would provide additional comfort and safety. The collaboration with Sanlorenzo marks a “new path to decarbonization in the yacht sector”.

The latest collaboration between Volvo Penta and Sanlorenzo symbolizes an evolution in the journey to drive change across the marine industry towards cleaner propulsion technology on the water.

The compact design of the IPS Professional platform also frees up valuable space on board and is said to reduce noise by up to 50 percent. In addition, the forward-facing propeller design and efficient dual-power input reduce vibration on board.


Volvo Penta IPS Professional Platform
Volvo Penta IPS Professional Platform


The IPS platform can be powered by different energy sources: from e-fuel combustion and e-engines or hybrid solutions

The new system can be installed as a double, triple or quadruple drive (Flexible Dual Power System), allowing a combination of drive sources to meet the yacht’s individual requirements.

Each yacht can have four to eight power sources, from internal combustion engines (ICE) powered by renewable fuels to fully electric or hybrid solutions.


Volvo Penta Professional Platform Hybrid
Volvo Penta Professional Platform Hybrid


Eco mode is a new intelligent function that uses on-board sensors to automatically start or stop engines based on the captain’s energy requirements. To do this, the platform takes into account the optimal fuel consumption and engine running times to activate the engine for a specific scenario with as few hours as possible. This improves efficiency and extends service and maintenance intervals.

Functions such as Assisted Docking or the Dynamic Positioning System are also available with the platform solution

The IPS Professional platform also includes the intelligent functions already known for smaller IPS propulsion systems, which are specially tailored to support captains, such as Volvo Penta Assisted Docking, dynamic positioning and diagnostic information provided via a professional control display.
Both Volvo Penta and Sanlorenzo have long been committed to accelerating sustainability goals and decarbonization in the marine industry. The two companies are dedicated to exploring a variety of solutions and pathways, including renewable fuels, hybrid and electric technology, fuel cells and efficiency-oriented innovations in yacht and propulsion design.

The introduction of the IPS Professional platform into Sanlorenzo’s yachts is just one of Volvo Penta’s latest efforts to integrate sustainability into yachting.

The collaboration underlines Sanlorenzo’s commitment to the environment and is in line with the company’s “Road to 2030” strategy. As part of this self-imposed plan, Sanlorenzo says it also expects to launch the first 50-steel yacht in 2024, which will be equipped with a modular fuel cell system capable of converting green methanol into hydrogen and then into electricity.

boot 2024

Online tickets for boot Düsseldorf (runs until 28.1.2024) are available at a price of 21 and 19 euros for and members, while tickets cost 29 euros at the box office. On Mondays to Fridays, boot 2024 invites you to visit in the afternoon, when tickets for the period from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. cost just 12 euros. The website provides up-to-date information on boot Düsseldorf 2024, including an extensive database and search engine for exhibitors, dealers, products and brands.

SeaHelp at boot: visit us and SeaHelp Insurance Broker in Hall 10, Stand F55 – easy to find by simply following the large yellow SeaHelp balloon in the middle of the hall. Here you can also pick up a free copy of our SeaMagazine 2024, hot off the press.

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