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Mercury Avator7.5e - Electric outboard motor

The future on the water is electric. In January 2023, Mercury launched the Mercury Avator 7.5e electric outboard motor. The innovative engine was promptly awarded the Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show (MIBS) 2023. SeaHelp will be presenting interesting, forward-looking projects in the field of e-mobility on the water for sports skippers here at regular intervals. The future...

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E-Boot mit eD-QDrive 1 von eD-TEC Germany and der Ladesäule

eD-TEC (Electric Driven Technology) is the name of a young startup from Munich that develops electric drives for motorboats. In May, the company tested the first boat equipped with a corresponding system. SeaHelp secured the test runs in Croatia on the island of Krk off the Punat marina. The future on the water is electric - of this Michael Jost...

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