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Return travel wave weaker than expected due to travel warning COVID-19: COVID-19 tests possible in Croatia – here the list of test stations

Covid-19 test: test stations in Croatia
Actually a quite normal return trip on a weekend, as these pictures from last Sunday show.

The travel warning for Croatia due to the COVID 19 pandemic, issued by the Austrian government, has not only caused much resentment among Austrian tourists, but has also directed the focus to the COVID 19 test stations in Croatia. They should give tourists who have to show a negative corona test when they return to their home country the opportunity to have this COVID-19 test performed at one of the Croatian corona test stations. In this way, they avoid possible quarantine regulations in their home country.

Austrians in Croatia surprised by new COVID-19 regulation

Many Austrian tourists on their holiday in Croatia were surprised to learn that their government will again require COVID-19 tests or a corona quarantine for returnees from Croatia as of Monday. In addition, Austrian holidaymakers in Croatia were asked to return home immediately.

No wave of return travel from Croatia due to travel warnin

Against this background, however, anyone who had expected excessive traffic jams at the border crossings from Croatia to Slovenia and from Slovenia to Austria on Saturday and Sunday was mistaken. Those travelling home reported relatively normal return traffic, as was to be expected even in the peak season.

Rupa border crossing: normal waiting times for high season

At the Rupa border crossing, for example, there is said to have been only a two-hour wait on Sunday afternoon, and three lanes were open in the direction of Slovenia. Among the people waiting in the traffic jam there were at most 50 % Austrian vehicles, otherwise mostly German license plates were seen.


Covid-19 test: normal return traffic Rupa border crossing
Even if it looks like many holidaymakers leave Croatia “in a hurry”: This is actually the normal border traffic for a Sunday afternoon.


Loiblpass: 2 minutes waiting time

In the direction of the Karawanken tunnel the number of Austrians again decreased drastically, they seemed to have decided rather for the “small” border crossings. At the Loibl Pass, for example, the waiting time was less than two minutes, here there was little sign of the big wave of Austrian holidaymakers returning from Croatia.

Many Austrians stayed in Croatia

Looking at the comments on Facebook, one slowly gets the impression that the Austrians are only partly following the calls of their government. As the comments show, many people there seem to be indifferent to what is officially communicated. They prefer to decide at their own discretion. Entries like “Croatia is safer than Vienna” or “It’s not better at home either” actually describe the situation quite well.

Map with Covid-19 test stations in Croatia

In the meantime, Croatia has also reacted and put a list of corona test stations online, just like the WKÖ. At relatively moderate prices one can do a PCR test there and get the result at short notice. If the result is negative, the corona test meets the requirements of Austria to avoid having to go into domestic quarantine after the holiday.


Google Maps

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Here, Croatian holidaymakers can still have COVID-19 tested in Croatia. If further test stations are added, the card will be supplemented. But beware: The Austrian regulation for entry from Croatia explicitly speaks of PCR tests. You can get more detailed information such as addresses, telephone numbers, opening hours etc. by clicking on the individual test stations on the map.


Covid-19 tests also on the island of Krk

According to the Marina Punat, it will be possible to test Covid 19 in the city of Krk from Tuesday, 18 August 2020. Samples will be taken daily (except Saturdays and Sundays between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.) at the Tourist Outpatient Clinic of the Krk Health Centre at Vinogradsa 2b. The cost is HRK 698.21, and the result is available within 24 hours.

Please report other Covid-19 test stations

And here is a call to other institutions that exclusively offer PCR tests according to Austrian law for returning tourists: Let us know when and where PCR tests can be performed, how quickly the results are available and whether advance notification is required. We will then add the test sites to our list.

Further links with important information:

Croatian National Tourist Board: Coronavirus 2019-nCoV questions and answers
Croatian Institute of Public Health: Important telephone numbers
Österreichische Botschaft Agram: State certified test laboratories for SARS-CoV-2 in Croatia
WKÖ (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber): List of Covid-19 test stations in Croatia


Constantly updated table of COVID-19 infections in Croatia

Updated every 30 minutes. Values can be shown or hidden by tapping the legend. For detailed values move the mouse over the bars. Data source: Johns Hopkins University

[wppress-covid19 display=”bar” country=”Croatia” custom_title=”yes” custom_title_text=”Croatia – New infections per day” width=”720″ height=”500″ responsive=”yes” show_confirmed=”yes” show_deaths=”yes” show_recovered=”yes” show_active=”yes” confirmed_legend=”Confirmed” deaths_legend=”Deaths” recovered_legend=”recovered” active_legend=”current cases” padding=”0″ border_radius=”0″ background_color=”#00000000″ title_color=”#333333″ confirmed_color=”#5082c7″ deaths_color=”#d04b5a” recovered_color=”#4caf50″ active_color=”#e38b4f” title_font_size=”18″ /]
[wppress-covid19 display=”chart” country=”Croatia” custom_title=”yes” custom_title_text=”Croatia – Current total number of infected” width=”720″ height=”500″ responsive=”yes” show_daily_change=”no” show_confirmed=”no” show_deaths=”no” show_recovered=”no” show_active=”yes” active_legend=”current cases” padding=”0″ border_radius=”0″ background_color=”#00000000″ title_color=”#333333″ active_color=”#e38b4f” title_font_size=”18″ /]

Keep up to date with the Corona pandemic. This table of the Johns Hopkins University is intended to provide neutral information on the current epidemiological situation in Croatia.
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