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Germany: Total Croatia no risk area Austria’s Ministry of Tourism declares Croatia and Italy “epidemiologically safe countries”!

Germany and Austria lift travel warning for Croatia and Italy, both countries no longer a risk area.
Austria's Ministry of Tourism classifies Croatia as „epidemiologically safe“, Germany lifts the designation „risk area“ for all Croatian coastal regions. For boat, ship and yacht owners, but also for all vacationers in Croatia and Italy, things are almost back to normal.

Both Germany and Austria are extremely positive about the situation in Croatia due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the German Robert Koch Institute has exempted all of Croatia, with the exception of Medimurje and Varazdin counties, from risk area status effective June 13, 2021. German boat, ship and yacht owners, as well as all other holidaymakers, can now once again enjoy the summer on Croatia’s coast without any restrictions, as long as they travel with their own means of transport and no longer even have to fill out the digital entry registration form. Austrians can also travel to Croatia again without any problems.

SeaHelp request to Austria’s Ministry of Tourism

On SeaHelp inquiry it is said from the Austrian Ministry of Tourism literally:.

“In Austria, the so-called 3G rule applies when entering from epidemiologically safe countries. This means that tested, vaccinated or recovered persons are exempt from quarantine when entering from Annex A countries. Since June 10, entrants from Annex A countries have additionally been exempt from the previously mandatory registration (Pre Travel Clearance).

In Annex A are, as mentioned, epidemiologically safe countries. This includes partly countries that are classified by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as “simple risk areas” as well as countries that are no longer listed by the RKI, because they are so-called “safe countries”. This concerns for example Croatia but also Australia. Both countries are in the Annex A of the Austrian entry regulation..

At present, the Austrian Entry Regulation explicitly lists those countries from whose entry the quarantine obligation does not apply, provided that one of the 3G proofs can be presented.

Austria would like to allow travel facilitation for as many countries as possible, as the epidemiological situation allows. In June, there should be facilitations for more countries.”

Croatia and Italy epidemiologically safe

What has changed with this statement, and this is critical, is the classification of countries in Appendix A of the COCID-19 Entry Regulation, which, according to the new official reading, are only considered “epidemiologically safe countries” and are thus also exempt from “pre-travel clearance.” Among the countries in Annex A are the Adriatic riparian countries so popular with Austrians, such as Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

Istria / Croatia almost Corona-free

In reality, vacationing in Croatia can definitely be considered safe again with regard to the Corona pandemic: Croatia currently has a 7-day incidence of 26.8, and Istria can be considered virtually “Corona-free” with an incidence value of 6.7.

Also Lignano / Italy with low incidence value

Italy is also at a similar level: with a 7-day incidence of 23.2, the country is very well off, and some coastal regions, which include Lignano, have an incidence value of 8.7 in some cases.

Slovenia: Slightly higher incidence figures in comparison

Slightly higher is currently the incidence value of Slovenia, with 53.9 infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants, the average is still relatively high compared to Croatia and Italy, but should not be considered a concern.

Actual incidence figures continue to fall

However, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia have one thing in common: incidence levels are dropping extraordinarily sharply, as also evidenced by the current figures from SeaHelp. Those who have not yet planned their summer vacation on the Adriatic Sea can do so without hesitation based on the current epidemiological development in Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. And boat, ship and yacht owners should not forget:

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Only with a membership with SeaHelp can you start your vacation without worrying, because there are certainly other dangers lurking on the water than the coronavirus, as the SeaHelp missions have shown again this year.

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