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Blue Marina Awards: Environmental prize for marinas in Friuli Venezia Giulia

BlueMarina Awards Giorgio Ardito Marina Uno
© Marina Uno

In the heart of the Mediterranean, where the sea meets the lagoon and tradition merges with innovation, sustainability has long been an integral part of everyday life. The fragile biological balance of this region requires careful management perhaps even more than elsewhere. Self-imposed environmental requirements as a corporate guideline is something we would like to see from many more nautical companies around the world, making a prize that is entering its second year of existence this year all the more meaningful: the Blue Marina Awards. The creators see it as a guide for all Italian marinas and harbors.

The award is anything but an adulation for the Italian marina business, but instead has strict criteria. In an elaborate questionnaire with around 100 detailed questions, the aspects of sustainable management, process innovation, safety and high-quality tourist accommodation for ships and crews are examined.

Fortunato Moratto, Marina Manager of Marina Sant’Andrea says about this selection process “This prize is by no means awarded lightly, the criteria are checked by specially delegated members of the prize committee. It is quite comparable to the criteria for awarding the Blue Flag of the F.E.E., which is once again flying over 12 of our member marinas this year.”.

The name Marina Resort, which was developed for numerous marinas in Friuli Venezia Giulia, already meant the extra plus for marina winners.

Starting with the quality of the sanitary facilities and the comparability with high-quality campsites in the areas of supply, washing areas for the dishes or washing machines and dryers for the guests, the Blue Marina Awards take a critical look at precisely these aspects and also promotes marinas with the award that think outside the box, go beyond mere service, offer unforgettable experiences and actively contribute to the protection and enhancement of the region’s maritime heritage. In Italy, this award was given to a total of 18 marinas along the coasts and islands of Italy.


Blue Marina Awards: Lignano Sabbiadoro Marina Uno
Lignano Sabbiadoro Marina Uno© FVG MARINAS NETWORK


Alongside Shipyard & Marina Sant’Andrea, the protagonists of this award in Friuli Venezia Giulia this year were the Porto Turistico Marina Uno in Lignano. “For years we have been supplying Marina Uno exclusively with energy from renewable sources, we have an electric kart, charging stations for e-bikes and electric cars and we take care of differentiated waste disposal. But we also believe that hospitality begins by offering our transit guests a free breakfast with coffee and croissant, for example.” In fact, hospitality is only one aspect of the work in the marinas, as they are characterized by their high-quality shipyard, such as Marina Sant’Andrea. “We hope that more marinas from the FVG Marinas network will take part in this competition next year,” adds Fortunato Moratto.

A few days ago, Cantieri Marina San Giorgio was able to claim another award for itself. Silvano Pascolo, member of the Pordenone-Udine Chamber of Commerce and President of the Pordenone Provincial Craftsmen’s Association, awarded various companies for their entrepreneurial initiative, including Cantieri Marina San Giorgio. Marina manager Davide Piccinin accepted the award and thanked his employees in his short speech. “An award is never just for the person who picks it up, but the result of everyone’s work.” This certainly also applies to the Blue Marina Awards.


Blue Marina Awards: San Giorgio di Nogaro Marina Sant Andrea
San Giorgio di Nogaro Marina Sant Andrea© FVG MARINAS NETWORK
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