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Christmas party with tribute to long-standing employees: SeaHelp thanks long-standing employees

SeaHelp Weihnachtsfeier 2023 in Punat
SeaHelp Weihnachtsfeier 2023 in Punat

What would Europe’s leading nautical breakdown service be without its many dedicated and professional employees, without its entire team? In line with the translation of TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More – SeaHelp Managing Director Wolfgang Dauser thanked his employees at this year’s Christmas party in Punat.

TEAM does not mean: “Great, someone else is doing it!”, says Dauser, but rather – loosely based on Pep Guardiola: “We need the whole squad, every player on the team, if we want to be successful. “ In particular, it is the long-term employees who are so important for a growing company like SeaHelp, which now has 34 European bases, because: “The peak season can only be professionally managed with experienced employees”.

For this reason, SeaHelp Managing Director Dauser expressed his thanks on the occasion of this year’s company Christmas party at the Restaurant Bocoon near the office of the Operations Center in Punat / Croatia to Suzana Jardas, a long-time employee.

“Suzana has been employed by SeaHelp since 2016, was responsible for Italy as assistant to the management from 2016 to 2019 and was an operator at Adria Helpline from 2019 to 2023”, now Suzana wants to take more care of her two children at her own request, says Dauser.


SeaHelp bids farewell to long-time employee Suzana Jardas
from left: Marco Orlic (SeaHelp Head of Operations), Suzana Jardas, Wolfgang Dauser (SeaHelp Managing Director)


Two employees celebrated their tenth SeaHelp anniversary this year

Two long-standing employees celebrated their tenth anniversary at Sea-Help this year: “After Marko, Stanko, Viktorija, Kristijan and Vedran, who are all still active at Sea-Help today, we now also congratulate Nina Mrakovcic on her first decade with us”, says the SeaHelp Managing Director.

Nina was originally hired in 2013 to help cope with the increased administrative workload resulting from Croatia’s accession to the EU and has been responsible for the Adriatic Helpline since 2019.


Nina Mrakovcic: With SeaHelp for 10 years. Thank you for that!
from left: Marco Orlic (SeaHelp Head of Operations), Viktorija Orlic, Nina Mrakovcic (jubilarian), Wolfgang Dauser (SeaHelp Managing Director)


Marin Zic was also congratulated by Dauser on his tenth anniversary at SeaHelp. From 2013 to 2017, Zic worked as head of operations at the SeaHelp base in Punat, and from 2017 to the present, the experienced employee has also been responsible for the operational readiness of the nine SeaHelp rescue boats in Croatia as technical manager.


Marin Zic: With SeaHelp for 10 years. Thank you for that!
From left: Marco Orlic (SeaHelp Operations Manager), Marin Zic, Wolfgang Dauser (CEO)


A good team pays off, especially when things get stressful on the water

Wolfgang Dauser thanked the jubilarians and the entire team for their professional, dedicated work over the past few years. Especially in the summer months, when the water is full, things can get a little stressful. It is precisely then that a well-coordinated team made up of long-standing, experienced employees pays off.


SeaHelp Christmas party 2023 in Punat


It is not least due to this circumstance that SeaHelp has been able to become the organization since 2005 that is now widely known as Europe’s largest breakdown and recovery service for recreational boating to provide assistance in non-life-threatening situations, says Wolfgang Dauser.

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