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Mallorca/Spain: Radio stations are under increased supervision

Mallorca/Spain: Radio stations are under increased supervision
Spain is careful: Authorities should, SeaHelp was informed by various owners, control prescribed radio stations more. In the past, those kind of actions were quite rare. To avoid unnecessary administrative difficulties: it is needed for vessels under the German SRC (Short Range Certificate) flag, for internal UBI navigation.

British skippers are allowed to use the British SRC, while German skippers don’t recognize the British SRC. Although, there is a possibility for a German skipper with a British SRC in Germany, the cost is too high and financially unprofitable.

Reinhold Rieke has been leading a maritime school in the Balearic islands in German for the past 22 years and warns that there are maritime schools in Mallorca that offer the English Short Range Certificate (SRC) for a small amount of money, but therefore silence the fact that it isn’t valid for Germans citizens. Further on, he highlights that during SRC navigation, every person that is navigating has to have a valid document to manage the radio-station, unlike UBI (confirmation for using a radio station in the internal navigational routes) for which it is sufficient that one person on board is certified for using it.

Turning off the radio station during navigation isn’t the solution and doesn’t free of the obligation of having a valid licence. Legally speaking, the moment the device is completely removed from the vessel, there is no need for having a SRC certificate, experienced seaman and lecturer Rieke emphasizes.

The price for a 2-day SRC course including learning material totals in 585,-€ plus registration fee of the exam 150,- €. UBI course costs 495,- € with a registration fee of 95,-€. Skippers interested in the course are recommended the combined variant of the UBI/SRC course whose price in total equals 850,- € plus registration fee of the exam 190,- €. Same as the boat management course, Rieke and his team teach their students very conciously and achieve a very high pass rate.

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