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The countdown has started: SeaHelp starts the season with new engines

SeaHelp emergency boats equipped with Yamaha outboard motors
Reliable Yamaha outboard engines provide safety for fast sea-going assistance.
The countdown to the upcoming nautical season has started – maybe even faster for some owners then they wanted to. Real sea wolfs amongst skippers dare sailing already around Easter, and those who want a more relaxed tempo, will sail away at the start of the season, around May 1st. Preparations are now hurried in the SeaHelp Punat operational centar: all the intervention vessels are going through detailed inspection and some of them even have new engines to ensure reliable help during emergency in the future.

SeaHelp invested into ten new Yamaha engines this winter. For example, the Istrian base already got two new 150 KS motors, Tribunj and Šoltra got two new 175 KS motors and Mali Lošinj will soon be using strong Yamaha 300 KS engines. Marko Orlic, who’s watching over the strong SeaHelp Adria fleet, said: „The cooperation with Yamaha is outstanding, especially in the service field.“ Yamaha representative is always on hand to secure competent solutions.

On SeaHelp intervention vessels, engines are changed after 1.300 – 1.500 working hours, depending on the working time. Excellent maintenance secures that the intervention vessels arrive at the place of event quickly and on time when our members need help.

Even as the season hasn’t started yet, some of our clients already had to reach out for SeaHelp’s assistance. Marko Orlic says: „One skipper needed help regarding big engine problems, and an another one damaged his rudder after the strong winds (Bura) in March.“

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