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SeaHelp and Kirt Steiermark: Injured skipper cared for after emergency call to the clinic in Munich

SeaHelp and Kirt Steiermark Patient transport
SeaHelp took over the first assignment, Kirt Steiermark is responsible for further transport and support.
A skipper from the Dalmatian Olive Island Marina can only confirm that SeaHelp is not wrong to use the name "Help": After a fatal "misstep" on a marina staircase in the ACI Marina Palmizana, he suffered a complicated ankle fracture that required immediate medical attention.

Even though the incident occurred on land and not at sea, he called SeaHelp for help using the emergency app. In doing so, the SeaHelp member set in motion a now-proven machinery that, after emergency care in Croatia, immediately transported him to the home hospital in Munich “Rechts der Isar”, where he could undergo the necessary surgery close to where he lived. It took just 28 hours from sending the emergency call to SeaHelp to reaching the Munich hospital, including all transportation and one overnight stay.

But back to the beginning: A rescue boat immediately brought the injured skipper to Split and handed him over to the Croatian paramedics on the quay wall, who were notified by SeaHelp. After first aid at the Split hospital, the unlucky skipper decided to have the operation performed in his own hospital, as he felt that proximity to both his home and his company was extremely important and medical reasons did not stand in the way.

However, before SeaHelp’s cooperation partner Kirt Steiermark could take responsibility for further medical care and transport to Germany, SeaHelp had to take action again: The ship, a Bavaria sailing yacht, was towed by SeaHelp from the scene of the accident to Split, where the remaining crew members could take care of the transfer to the home port, the Olive Island Marina.

Kirt Steiermark then handled the further processing of the emergency like clockwork: From the hotel stay for one night to the transport in a specially equipped ambulance vehicle, everything went so smoothly that the SeaHelp member expressly praised the excellent care provided by both SeaHelp and Kirt Steiermark and thanked them again by telephone for their good support. He also thanked Olive Island Marina, which had wisely decided to close its membership for him.

The injured skipper also finally had a happy ending: He survived the operation in Munich well and is currently recovering in his own four walls from the accident and the ankle operation. In order not to let any misunderstandings arise: The costs incurred for transport and medical care are not part of the SeaHelp services and should be clarified with Kirt Steiermark or your own health insurance company before making use of them.

At this point, however, it should be noted once again: This fast, uncomplicated and comprehensive help was only possible for him because Olive Island Marina has a SeaHelp membership for all permanent residents, so that their guests are protected not only in the marina, but also on their trips. How well this measure has proven itself in practice can be seen in this example. The cooperation between SeaHelp and Kirt Steiermark was also helpful, as they proved their competence and reliability. SeaHelp will continue this service in a similar form after the end of the test phase, and the exact form of the cooperation will be communicated. But one thing is already certain: SeaHelp members will continue to have uncomplicated access to the services of German-speaking doctors in 2020. In the end, however, the SeaHelp Operations Centre also played its part in the happy outcome by acting as a contact point for all questions and measures arising, coordinating the deployment and removing language barriers.

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