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Boat crime - boat / yacht stolen - theft

Yesterday you had your boat still neatly moored to the jetty, the next morning it was gone - unfortunately, this does not happen so rarely. Two new cases of boat theft, which were reported to SeaHelp, confirm this. We explain what those affected by boat theft or misappropriation can do. Boat theft or misappropriation unfortunately does not stop at national...

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Fire on board: total loss of yacht

It's a nightmare for every yacht owner: a fire on board is one of the most dangerous accidents that can happen at sea, because fires on ships often spread quickly. Compared to land, firefighting is more difficult: there are no escape routes, and there are often still people on board. Quick action is required, and the yacht should be equipped...

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OSMOSE Problem: Gfk and polyester hull for yacht and boat.

Owners of GRP yachts can not avoid dealing with the issue of osmosis, because a not or not properly treated osmosis can quickly destroy the complete structure of a ship. In particular, if the yacht is to be driven for a long time in warmer waters, it is recommended in advance an inspection and, if necessary, a preventive osmosis treatment.....

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Anchoring correctly: Substrate

Anchoring often looks simple, but requires time and adherence to a few simple routines if it is to be safe. To kick off the season, a brief overview of the biggest misconceptions about anchoring - and the most important rules. "Anchor maneuver? Must go briskly. And look cool!" No question - nothing draws the eye more like a yacht that...

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Thunderstorm at sea: Storm Istria / Croatia

Storms at sea always give anxious moments and questions. To behave properly and give his crew the right answers, here are the biggest misconceptions. "Thunderstorms? Is rare in Croatia. Never experienced it there." Croatia and the northern Adriatic coast are thunderstorm-rich coasts, especially in the summer months. Statistically, lightning and thunder are more frequent in the northern Adriatic than in...

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Sea safety training: life raft

They are mandatory for participation in ocean racing: Special safety training for sailors certified by World Sailing. Cruisers and charterers, on the other hand, never have to prove that they know how to use fire extinguishers and distress munitions and how to climb into a life raft. Actually, that's wrong, because a marine emergency can happen to anyone. It's good...

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