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Sun protection on the water against UV - radiation

Summer, sun, sailing - that means sparkling water, bright blue sky and maybe a gentle breeze. Perfect conditions for summer cruising. But beware: the reflection of the water intensifies the sun's UV rays, making them about 20 percent more intense. SeaHelp has compiled 10 tips for proper sun protection on the water. Tip 1 Shade! In the blazing (midday) sun,...

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Heat warning: tips for heat on board

In July and August, thermometers across Europe soar to unprecedented heights. Daytime temperatures of around 35 degrees Celsius are the order of the day in large parts of the Mediterranean and Central Europe, even the nights bring little cooling. SeaHelp has compiled eleven tips on how to enjoy your time on board relaxed and healthy despite the heat. Drink plenty...

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Checklist for buying boat / yacht: sailboat / sailing yacht or motorboat / motor yacht

The dream of owning a boat begins with a series of questions that future owners must ask themselves critically, our checklist helps. The planned use of the boat is just as important as the suitable berth and the running costs. SeaHelp has compiled ten points, with the help of which the search for the right ship can be concretized.. Checklist...

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Tips used boat buying: buy boat / yacht used

The last two years have brought an unprecedented boom to shipyards and boat dealers. Many who previously only dreamed of buying a sailing or motor yacht are now proud owners. And who decides now for a shipyard-new ship, must count on a waiting period of several years. So rather invest in a used yacht? With these SeaHelp tips for successful...

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Boat crime - boat / yacht stolen - theft

Yesterday you had your boat still neatly moored to the jetty, the next morning it was gone - unfortunately, this does not happen so rarely. Two new cases of boat theft, which were reported to SeaHelp, confirm this. We explain what those affected by boat theft or misappropriation can do. Boat theft or misappropriation unfortunately does not stop at national...

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Fire on board: total loss of yacht

It's a nightmare for every yacht owner: a fire on board is one of the most dangerous accidents that can happen at sea, because fires on ships often spread quickly. Compared to land, firefighting is more difficult: there are no escape routes, and there are often still people on board. Quick action is required, and the yacht should be equipped...

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