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Enjoy a yacht holiday: purchase or charter? Which is better?

The right maritime reading material must be on board, and not just for the long-awaited vacation cruise. Especially in the winter season, water sports enthusiasts are happy to continue to be at sea, at least in their thoughts. The selection of maritime literature is large, the pallet reaches from sometimes unintentional comedy with trip reports with sail novices over gripping...

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Pistolshrimp (Alpheidae): Provides noise on board

It is one of the few remaining "mysteries" of the sport shipping, which apparently could not be explained yet or not sufficiently scientifically: mysterious, indefinable, mostly nocturnal noises on board bring many crews to the brink of a nervous breakdown. But what is it really that crackles, pops, rustles, tingles and cracks there on a regular basis?. Some crews describe...

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Singing cicada on the coast in Croatia

They have existed since the Eocene, have been an integral part of mythology, art and folklore for thousands of years, consist of more than 4,000 species worldwide, you can make fever preparations from them and some even eat them, but most travelers to Croatia are well acquainted with them through their song: the singing cicadas. Portrait of the small, inconspicuous...

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Italy - Upper Adriatic Sea: Marano Lagoon

The Upper Adriatic is booming! Not only as in the 1970s among beach tourists, but also among yacht owners. The more the bureaucratic "bora" blows in the east, the more skippers are drawn back to the Italian coast. Thus, the region between Muggia and Lignano has experienced a strong maritime growth spurt in recent years and can now offer much...

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Fluctuating sea level of the oceans - tidal phenomenon: Kuramathi, Rasdhoo Atoll, Maldives

The sea level of the oceans is not constant, but changes continuously. The phenomenon of tides is familiar to all; the average water level seems to remain more or less the same during the short period of a human lifetime. But this is not the case. It can change by a few millimeters, but also in the meter range within...

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