Vacation Whitsun 2021 in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy without quarantine on return to Austria and Germany possible?

Update: 05/18/2021. Children 10 years of age and older must be tested, including the immunity status of parents or guardians. The quarantine obligation applies in principle also to children, but is not applicable if the parents or guardians are exempt from quarantine.. This is already more than just a silver lining for all boat and yacht owners and in general...

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Entry regulation Austria: Entry regulations for entry to Austria extended until 21.05.2021

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Republic of Austria has consolidated the applicable entry regulations, which were originally scheduled to end March 31, until May 31. This means that Whitsun on May 23 would also be affected by the current rules. However, for Austrian citizens, especially boat and real estate owners with Croatia as a travel destination, the adopted measures...

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Open Letter to the Austrian Federal Government

Anyone heading to Croatia at the moment really has to have a good reason for doing so, because with temperatures sometimes around freezing point, snow-covered roads in the hinterland, closed restaurants and at times quite annoying border controls, hardly anyone would think of spending a fun, sociable vacation there. But precisely because in the winter months in the Adriatic Jugo...

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Corona entry requirements: Croatia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia

It almost takes a law degree to find out how and where you are still allowed to travel between Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia and what quarantine regulations await you in the destination country and when you return from a coronavirus risk area. Mind you, this is not exclusively about vacationers, but about yacht owners or real estate owners...

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Germany: Travel warning for Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia

On October 30, 2020, Germany updated its travel warnings due to the increasing number of new coronavirus infections throughout Europe and, among other countries, declared Italy (with the exception of the region of Calabria), Croatia (entire Croatia), Austria (excluding young wood and Mittelberg) and Slovenia as risk areas as of November 1, 2020. When returning from risk areas, a corona...

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Travel warning Croatia: Due to the Coronavirus little Skipper locally

Is Austria being measured with double standards when it comes to coronavirus and travel warnings? For example, Austria issues a partial travel warning for the Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Norte (security level 5), but for Croatia (security level 6), a travel warning applies to the entire country, although the northern regions have so far had significantly lower 7-day incidences...

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Austrian boat owners demand abolition of the blanket travel warning for Croatia

Due to the current situation around the coronavirus and the behavior of the Austrian government, boat and yacht owners whose boats are waiting for wintering in Croatia have little understanding for Austria's current travel warning for the entire region of Croatia. SeaHelp members Andreas and Katharina Neuner, which even over a 11-meter sailing yacht in the Marina Veruda in Istria,...

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