Entry without quarantine to Austria from Croatia

Update: 31.05.2021 at 8PM: Faster than thought: From June 1, the quarantine is no longer required when entering Austria from Croatia. See current SeaHelp article! The time has finally come: as announced by the Austrian government on May 28, 2021, as part of the general relaxations, entry into Austria, for example, from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy will soon be possible...

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Entry Germany: If Croatia is downgraded, quarantine on return could be omitted

For German vacationers, boat and yacht owners as well as charter guests a journey to Croatia over Whitsun without subsequent quarantine after entry into Germany might come within reach. As the SeaHelp editorship from usually well informed, the individual responsible ministries close circles learned, Germany plans to downgrade Croatia still this week from the high incidence area to the risk...

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Entry Germany: from Italy without quarantine, Croatia and Slovenia could follow.

Update 14.05.2021 The question of whether the respective quarantine ordinances of the individual federal states are still valid could only be conclusively and resiliently clarified today due to the holiday on Thursday. In addition the Federal Ministry of Health explained on inquiry: The entry regulation stepped on 13.5. into force. It applies nationwide and -uniformly. We have compiled information here....

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Vacation Whitsun 2021 in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy without quarantine on return to Austria and Germany possible?

Update: 05/18/2021. Children 10 years of age and older must be tested, including the immunity status of parents or guardians. The quarantine obligation applies in principle also to children, but is not applicable if the parents or guardians are exempt from quarantine.. This is already more than just a silver lining for all boat and yacht owners and in general...

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SeaHelp Livestream Topics: Croatia vacation, entry, quarantine and yacht charter

Vacation 2021: The crucial question for all boat and yacht owners, but of course also for all charter guests in Croatia is, taking into account the coronavirus pandemic but: When can the significantly more than 200,000 boats and yachts in Croatia finally set sail again? The start of the 2021 water sports season is already eagerly awaited, including by charter...

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