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Croatia downgraded: Only still coronavirus risk area When entering Germany quarantine is omitted.

Germany: No quarantine on entry from Croatia
Without quarantine from the Croatia vacation back to Germany - that should provide at least after Whitsun for a rush on the Croatian Adriatic.

This was a last minute decision: As SeaHelp reported several times, Germany planned to quasi overturn the quarantine on entry from Croatia to Germany before Whitsun by declaring Croatia from a high incidence area to a risk area. On May 21 at 21.30 h then came the redeeming news for all boat and yacht owners, charter guests Croatia vacationers in general: the RKI downgraded Croatia to a risk area, with the consequence that Croatia vacationers who have not been vaccinated against Corona or recovered from Corona may enter Germany only with a negative antigen test, which they have already had done in Croatia.

And those who do not want to spend time in one of the test stations during their vacation in Croatia can also have the test performed in a German test station as the first action after returning home to their place of residence. There, the tests are usually even free of charge.

Corona test also after entering Germany

Already the whole afternoon the SeaHelp editorship fevered literally with probably numerous other boat and yacht owners on this decision, which is normally always published until 16.00 o’clock. Finally there was from the ministry under the hand the announcement, still on Friday the quarantine regulation for Croatia will tip, and/or the quarantine will be void, if one enters with a negative test result.

Those who do not have a negative test result on entry from Croatia must formally enter quarantine in Germany, but can end this immediately and not only after five days, after they have received a negative result for Corona in a test center. Such a result is received on the cell phone a good 15 minutes after the test has been performed. This virtually eliminates the need for quarantine after returning from Croatia.

Entry Germany with 3 G rule

The Coronavirus Entry Regulation states “… for returnees from risk areas (this includes Croatia as of May 21, 2021, editor’s note) according to § 4, paragraph 2: “The segregation … shall be for a period of ten days. Segregation shall end … before the expiry of ten days for recovered, vaccinated or tested persons, if they submit the proof of recovery, proof of vaccination or proof of testing … to the competent authority.”

Test also possible after entry into Germany

As already reported in detail on this page on May 18, 2021, this still means: travel returnees from Croatia, who are traveling by car, need the digital travel registration upon entry into Germany, but not necessarily a negative test to free themselves immediately from the quarantine obligation. They can have the test done in Croatia at one of the numerous test stations, but also immediately after their return to a test center in their home town, or in the test centers near the highway on the return trip.

Those who get tested in Germany usually even receive the test free of charge; an inquiry at the local test center provides clarity. To this end, the Coronavirus Entry Ordinance states, “Segregation … shall be suspended for the period necessary to conduct a test.”

Incidence in Croatia declines sharply

With this decision, the competent authorities take into account the fact that the 7-day incidence in Croatia has decreased sharply in recent days and weeks, circa April 20, 2021. On May 21, 2021, the figure was 101.1 newly infected persons per 100,000 population, and it is expected to fall below the hundred mark over the weekend. Additionally, since Croatia has already vaccinated a large portion of its tourism industry workers, nothing should stand in the way of a safe stay on the Croatian coast.

Over Whitsun, traffic jams are expected at the border

As quite a rush is still expected at the Croatian borders over Whitsun, we would like to point out once again the basic rules that should be followed when entering the country and which should significantly speed up border clearance: Upon entry, a registration should be made in the EnterCroatia portal and the test required for entry should be uploaded at the same time. SeaHelp already reported. The transit through Austria, Italy and Slovenia is free, on the return journey to Germany it then requires the digital entry registration and a negative test, but this can also be made up in Germany.

Austrians still have to go into quarantine

For Austrians, this regulation does not apply, because Croatia is still one of the B1 states of the COVID-19 entry regulation, which means in plain language: quarantine, which can be canceled only after the fifth day by a negative test. Entry after a stay in states of the Annex A (for example, Italy, Slovenia, or Hungary) is only possible with a negative test certificate, a vaccination certificate, or a convalescent certificate.

Croatian National Tourist Board: What to consider when entering Croatia

Below as an attachment: the Croatian National Tourist Board once again decisively points out the current entry requirements to Croatia in a press release: in order to be allowed to enter Croatia, visitors must meet 1 of the following 5 criteria and provide proof of this:

  1. A negative PCR or antigen test that is not older than 48 hours at the time of border crossing.
  2. A vaccination record proving that the second/last vaccination was given at least 14 days ago.
  3. Evidence of recovery from Covid-19 demonstrating that recovery occurred at least 11 days, but no longer than 180 days ago.
  4. Proof of recovery from Covid-19 and first vaccination, dating back at least 11 days but no longer than 6 months.
  5. 10-day quarantine or testing on arrival followed by self-isolation until negative test result is received.

It should be noted that all tests performed as evidence of a positive or negative result must be recognized by the European Union. It is also recommended to fill out the form EnterCroatia before arrival. The EnterCroatia online form allows visitors to enter all necessary information and data before traveling to Croatia to facilitate border crossing upon entry. The form can be completed online at All information on regulations and entry options, as well as information on how to travel safely and responsibly to and within Croatia, is regularly updated by the Croatian National Tourist Board on the Q&A website.

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