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Update Coronavirus Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Travel warning: Croatia’s northern coastal regions hardly affected so far

Update travel warning: Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria
In Croatia, especially in Istria, the corona rules are strictly adhered to, and even marinas such as the ACI marina in Pula have taken effective measures to protect their guests.

Who would like to travel in the coming autumn vacations still into the south, i.e. from German view to Austria, Italy, Slovenia or Croatia, expect at home after the return depending upon Land of the Federal Republic different quarantine regulations because of the COVID 19 pandemic, if the destination is in one of the risk areas, for which a travel warning was issued. The SeaHelp editorship updated the situation after the changes from 7 October briefly, in order to point out on a view, where the vacation for Germans remains at present still without consequences.

Highest level in Croatia – but not at the coast

But one thing in advance: new corona infections are on the rise throughout Europe. Croatia cannot escape this development either and recorded a new high of 547 new infections on October 8th. Nevertheless, when looking at the geographical distribution of new corona infections, it is striking that the northern coastal regions down to Sibenik were largely spared from this, while in the. capital Zagreb and the eastern regions the corona virus has spread further. Especially Istria is one of the last. regions of Europe, which show an extremely low incidence of infection.

Italy: Masks must be worn also outdoors

Italy does not currently have any restrictions for travellers from Austria or Germany, but from now on a mask obligation also applies to the whole of Italy when staying outside. Updates on the further development of the Corona site can be obtained reliably from this Link.

Slovenia: Numbers increase, transit without problems

In Slovenia, as in all of Europe, new coronavirus infections are on the rise. However, coastal areas are currently only slightly affected by this. Holidaymakers in Croatia can travel through Slovenia without problems, but transit is limited to 12 hours.

Slovenia – the following regions are regarded as risk areas:.

  • Gorenjska (since 7 October)
  • Koroška (since September 30)
  • Osrednjeslovenska since 7 October)
  • Primorsko-notranjska (coastal inland Carniola) (since September 23rd)
  • Savinjska (since 7 October)
  • Zasavska (since 7 October)

Croatia: Autumn vacation at the coast no problem

Also in Croatia the coastal regions interesting for holiday-makers are at least hardly affected by the current update of the RKI. Here one can spend still halfway surely its vacation. In particular the northern regions show a very small case number of. Coronavirus-infected on. Which is hardly to be mediated: Austria has issued a travel warning for the whole of Croatia, despite high infection figures in its own country.

Croatia – the following Gespanschaften are considered at present as risk areas:.

  • Dubrovnik-Neretva (since September 9)
  • Krapinsko-zagorska županija (since 7 October)
  • Lika-Senj (since September 23rd)
  • Požega-Slavonia (since September 9th)
  • Sisačko-moslavačka (since 7 October)
  • Split-Dalmatia (since August 20)
  • Virovitica-Podravina (since September 16)
  • Vukovarsko-srijemska (since 7 October)
  • Withdrawn: Brodsko-Posavska (September 16 – October 07)


Update Travel Warning: ACI Marina Pula (Istria, Croatia) Safety Instructions
Coronavirus protection in Marina Pula: disinfectants and signs.


Austria: How, Vorarlberg, and Tyrol with travel warning

Currently, the 7-day incidence relevant for the RKI is well over 50 in Austria, where, if political aspects are not put above health care, the existing travel warning should soon be extended.

  • Federal State of Vienna (since September 16)
  • Federal state of Vorarlberg (since September 23) with the exception of the community of Mittelberg / Kleinwalsertal (since October 2)
  • Federal state of Tyrol (since September 25) with the exception of the municipality of Jungholz (since October 2)
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