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Restaurant Masarine, Premuda

It is nearly impossible for pleasure seekers to leave Premuda island, just less than ten square kilometres large, on port or starboard as at the Restaurant Masarine, an inside tip in skipper circles, very special delicacies are literally waiting for hungry seafarers: Naturally, freshly caught fish is being served, but as well pork, beef, sheep and goat meat, as well...

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Kaprije Island Croatia

Kaprije island, located more or less at the altitude of Sibenik, got its name from the vast population of caper plants, Kaprije in Croatian. Two harbours or marinas, respectively, though this term seems a bit exaggerated for the landing stage Kaprije Ostrica, facing the mainland, invite skippers to visit the island.

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What does actually happen, if you send out the DJI Mavic 2 Pro with its Hasselblad optics for shooting photos? In fact, the little drone will return with shots that you would not think it would be capable of taking! SeaHelp has tested it and the result even surprised experienced professional photographers. Conclusion: The Mavic 2 Pro can not only...

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Konoba Zmara, Zut: sunset pleasure experience

Those claiming that Croatian cuisine mainly consists of Cevapcici and Razniji will soon be proved liars when visiting the Konoba Zmara on Zut island. The dishes served in the restaurant at the end of Sabuni bay are supposed to even flatter the tongue of the most demanding gourmets: juicy steaks, either beef or tuna, always grilled to the point, carpaccio...

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