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Konoba Zmara, Zut: Indulgence at sunset

Konoba Zmara, Zut: sunset pleasure experience
Those claiming that Croatian cuisine mainly consists of Cevapcici and Razniji will soon be proved liars when visiting the Konoba Zmara on Zut island. The dishes served in the restaurant at the end of Sabuni bay are supposed to even flatter the tongue of the most demanding gourmets: juicy steaks, either beef or tuna, always grilled to the point, carpaccio of freshly caught fish, scallops with just a smack of garlic, parsley and lemon, sea bass or sole with side dishes such as grilled Mediterranean vegetables are only the prelude to a sweet finale, the highlight of any menu.

For this purpose, the passionate chefs are conjuring a chocolate cake with vanilla icecream from the oven, with its warm, liquid chocolate core forming a symbiosis with the creamy vanilla icecream thus creating a real symphony of delicious flavours. For those who might consider this too much of a sin, there is a more fruity, but nonetheless high-calorie finale: Caramelised figs on a mascarpone bed. Subsequently, this definitely requires a digestif.

Konoba Zmara, Zut - Dessert

The Konoba Zmara kitchen convinces through its plain, original genuine taste, fresh ingredients are rounding the indulgence experience. And, if this wasn’t sufficient, the setting sun delivers the perfect frame for such an extraordinaire meal. And last but not least the affectionately selected decoration is providing the visible proof that here restaurateurs are at work with their hearts burning for their job.

You are laying in the bay at a moored bouy, will be picked up by a dinghi or you book a table directly at the pier. Nevertheless, as word has spread by now that the Konoba Zmara in Sabuni bay (Zut) guarantees culinary delights of a very special nature, it is highly recommendable to book a table in advance. And, with some luck, a table next to the pier will be attained.

Telephone number: +385 98 757 165

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