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SeaHelp travel guide: Kaprije island and Konoba Kunjka

Kaprije Island Croatia
Island Kaprije with Konoba Kunjka
Kaprije island, located more or less at the altitude of Sibenik, got its name from the vast population of caper plants, Kaprije in Croatian. Two harbours or marinas, respectively, though this term seems a bit exaggerated for the landing stage Kaprije Ostrica, facing the mainland, invite skippers to visit the island.

Pure quietness, even during the summer months, is what visitors will find in the numerous bays, and all within walking distance, if necessary.

But there is a more lively atmosphere at the small harbour of the main village Kaprije, at least considering the ”Caper Island‘s‟ circumstances. The local harbourmaster is managing the berths along the mole and in the anchoring bays.

But back to the other side of the island. The quiet Uvala Medos houses the Konoba Kunjka, located directly at the water’s edge and with a flight of stairs really worthwhile climbing: Be it Dalmatian ham, regional cheeses or all the other delicacies, landing from the grill directly on the guests‘ plates, they all offer extraordinary culinary delights for lovers of meat or fish dishes.

However, not only the homemade dishes from the mainly regional products can be relished here, but as well the wonderful view to the open sea. But be careful: Despite all those savoury wines and spirits at the Konoba, the steps, leading once upstairs, have to be mastered the other direction on the way down…

SeaHelp 360 Grad pictures:

[dimage url=”” ontrol=true zoom_level=”20″ anim_speed=”-0.5″ auto-rotate=true]Kaprije, Caper island in the SeaHelp travel guide.

[dimage url=”” ontrol=true zoom_level=”20″ anim_speed=”-0.5″ auto-rotate=true]Caper island Kaprije at a glance.

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