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Anchoring, anchorage, anchor maneuver: sailing yacht anchoring correctly

A skillful anchor maneuver is the basic prerequisite for a quiet night on board, but not the guarantee for it, goes a sailor's saying. What should be considered when anchoring, how a proper anchor maneuver should be driven, when an anchor watch is appropriate, and how SeaHelp's Premium Pass helps with anchor diving when the anchor gets stuck during retrieval...

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Marine radars: Raymarine Quantum2 radar with Doppler function and AIS insertion

A radar system supports safe navigation in uncertain weather and is extremely helpful when you are underway at night, in bad weather or in fog. Objects such as sea marks, pilings, other ships (even without lighting) and even rain fronts and of course the islands and coastlines that you cannot see visually due to the visibility restriction are detected by...

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Seasickness on the boat: nausea on board

Seasickness is a so-called motion sickness, a kinetosis. Therefore, it can also occur in cars, buses or airplanes as motion sickness. It occurs because the brain receives different information from the eyes, the inner ear with the organ of balance, and the muscles about the position, posture, and location of the body in space. When this information does not match...

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Rip-off at cash machines: Pay attention to the exchange rate when withdrawing money on vacation in Croatia.

When it comes to withdrawals at ATMs abroad, especially in countries like Croatia that have not yet introduced the euro, many users still fall into the cost trap. The perfide to it: Usually one notices only after the return from the vacation that the costs of the use of an ATM in Croatia are excessively high. Even if one is...

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