Carbon monoxide detector Kidde Modell: X10

A sad case that could have been easily prevented by using the adequate measures: A 57-year-old man died on a charter boat in Dalmatia, five other passengers had to be taken to hospital in Split-Firule, some of them showing life threatening signs of toxicity and they had to be treated in the intensive care unit. It is particularly unfortunate that,...

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Truffle specialties

Normally, Livade would be a small, insignificant village in the Istrian hinterland, if not, many years ago, a certain Giancarlo Zigante would have found the largest white truffle worldwide and thus founded his truffle empire. ”Zigante Tartufi‟ as it is called officially, has made a name for itself in gourmet circles all over the world and therefore, almost inseparably connected,...

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The ferry terminal is located on the western side of the island, as well as the berths reserved for local people and fishing boats. South of the terminal (0.2 nautical miles) in Pocumarak bay, you will find a couple of anchoring buoys for mooring.

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Summer 2019 Croatia

The summer of 2019 is over, the first spurs of autumn are already trying to dispel the last sun rays of late summer more or less successfully. There is a great deal of bustle in the marinas as, after all, boats have to be made fit for winter. By now at the latest, when one’s own vehicle is available within...

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National Park Kornati

Finally, prices for anchoring in the Croatian national parks for 2019 are available. Skippers’ special interest, though, will probably be directed to the pleasantly moderate modified price list for the Kornati National Park as, apart from partly significant reductions of accomodation prices in the Kornati National Park for larger ships, most konobas are offering their jetties at quite a favourable...

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SeaHelp tip: check anchor buoys

Does it hold or does it not? This was the question for a SeaHelp member last year mooring in a buoy field in the Uvala Podbucina in the area of Kakan island. He documented the buoy’s condition and passed the information on to SeaHelp which, finally, was the deciding factor for our article ”First check, then tie down‟. As the...

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