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Until November 17, 2019: The Istrian Truffle Days

Truffle specialties
Fresh truffles from Istria / Livade
Normally, Livade would be a small, insignificant village in the Istrian hinterland, if not, many years ago, a certain Giancarlo Zigante would have found the largest white truffle worldwide and thus founded his truffle empire. ”Zigante Tartufi‟ as it is called officially, has made a name for itself in gourmet circles all over the world and therefore, almost inseparably connected, made Istria famous as a well-known gourmet destination.

Once a year, just in time for the harvest of truffles, a different kind of event takes place, with the possibility of an extensive tasting of the premium products around this mouthwatering delicacy. Skippers travelling home from more southern regions are well advised to venture a trip to Livade, a detour absolutely worth it.

Although Livade is rather a sleepy hamlet, it should be no problem to find the place due to its good traffic connections via the motorway to Koper. And as well, no further description should be necessary to find the activities around the truffle in Livade itself. Thanks to the village’s manageable size, moving around is quite easy.

[dimage url=”” ontrol=true zoom_level=”20″ anim_speed=”-0.5″ auto-rotate=true]The truffle street of Livade – well worth a visit even outside the truffle season.

During the Truffle Days, i.e., at the weekends on Saturdays and Sundays, all kinds of products around Istria’s black and white gold are on offer for tasting and for sale in a giant exhibition tent, from humble truffle crisps or truffle salami, truffle chocolate, truffle cheese, truffle jam to truffle oil and, naturally, black and white truffles. Mind you, the list is not at all complete just due to lack of space. On the occasion of the Livade Truffle Days, though, there exists the possibility to taste tiny quantities of truffle products as many things bearing the name truffle may not necessarily be to everyone’s taste.

[dimage url=”” ontrol=true zoom_level=”20″ anim_speed=”-0.5″ auto-rotate=true]Tasting in the tent – during the truffle days all conceivable truffle products are offered for tasting in a marquee.

In addition, there is always the chance to participate in a truffle hunting (at 12.00h, 14.00h, 16.00h each Saturday and Sunday) or to rummage among the numerous stands lining the road. Here, you will find all kinds of useful gifts for the stayed home ones, from handcrafted souvenirs to juicy manadrines from the Nevretva valley.

Buy fresh truffles and truffle pâté plus truffle oil. Store the cleaned truffles with soft butter in the deep-freezer as soon as possible. For preparing add the frozen butter together with the truffle pâté and the truffle oil to hot pasta or briefly boil it with cream – and a delicious Christmas dinner is ready in a twinkling.

Virtual impressions of the truffle fair

[dimage url=”” ontrol=true zoom_level=”20″ anim_speed=”-0.5″ auto-rotate=true]The Zigante Truffle Shop at the entrance to Livade offers exquisite truffle specialties all year round.

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