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Summer 2019: Time to say goodbye!

Summer 2019 Croatia
Summer 2019: Time to say goodbye!
The summer of 2019 is over, the first spurs of autumn are already trying to dispel the last sun rays of late summer more or less successfully. There is a great deal of bustle in the marinas as, after all, boats have to be made fit for winter. By now at the latest, when one’s own vehicle is available within easy reach, the free time should be used to value the treasures onshore. And, in this field, Croatia has quite a lot to offer, something, that most skippers don’t even know. Discovering the area from the landside, for a change, has definitely its charms.

Here comes the SeaHelp hitlist:

No 1: The truffle fair in Livade

Ever since a certain Giancarlo Zigante found the world’s biggest white truffle (1,310 grams) ironocally in Istria, the business with the “white gold” flourishes here. Livade is the secret truffle capital, a place always worth a visit. Here, from September 7 to November 18, the annual truffel days are celebrated, accompanied by an attractive supporting programme. During this time, it is absolutely worth to do a side trip to Livade where everything in the restaurants is about white truffles. Taking the road from Livade to Istarska Toplice offers a wide range of possibilites to enjoy fresh truffles directly from the surrounding woods – be it the Zigante truffle shop, the Zigante restaurant or the quite unique restaurant Dolina.

No 2: Olive oil

Olive oil is supposed to be one of Croatia‘s oldest cultural assets. But olive oil is not the same everywhere – different olive trees deliver different starting products, which might influence the rather fine taste of high-quality olive oil significantly. Furthermore, time and again you hear about people adulterating oil, cutting high-quality olive oil with simple vegetable oil in order to generate more profit. All over Croatia, and especially in Istria, there exists the possiblity to visit oil mills and taste the high-quality product which often is literally forced from the olive by old olive presses. Here, the honest, genuine product is offered and, starting in November, you can even take part in the oil pressing process. And while watching the enormous work involved, most certainly, the respect of olive oil is constantly growing. Those, who are not willing to wait such a long time, have always the possibility to visit the oil museum in Pula. Our recommendation: Try freshly pressed, unfiltered olive oil.

[dimage url=”” ontrol=true zoom_level=”20″ anim_speed=”-0.5″ auto-rotate=true]Exhibition of old machines for the production of olive oil

No 3: The Istrian wine route

Most probably, it is not a coincidence that the best of Croatian wines are from Istria, as the local winemakers were obliged to adapt their products to the fine taste of their Italian customers. Meanwhile, an independent viticulture has been developed in this region that stands up to any comparison with high-quality Italian wines. In autumn, the actual wine harvest starts along the Istrian wine route, which is the time, when many of the wineries want to present themselves to their visitors.

No 4: Agrotourism

The Austrian’s ”Buschenschank‟ is the German’s ”Straußenwirtschaft‟ (both tipical wine taverns during the wine harvest season), nevertheless, in Croatia this is called quite pompously ”Agrotourism‟. Or, at least, the effort is made more or less successfully, though. Mainly in the northern part of the country this term has been caught on. From Krk to the Eslovenian border there is a multitude of restaurants and Konobas, mostly associated with farms offering special, home-made food and products. Especially in autmn there is the opportunity for a visit in order to enjoy the processed fruits of summer.

No 5: Weekly markets

Hand on heart: When did you last visit a weekly market instead of buying at the supermarket? Those interested in the country, the people and their food culture should pay a visit to the weekly market of their holiday region and bring some spare time. There is something to discover at any time of the year. Dried figs or mushrooms, honey, pesto or carefully prepared jams and jellies are far better souvenirs than the usual gifts from souvenir shops. The dates can be found on the websites of the local tourist boards.

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