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Light in the cockpit: Atmospheric lamps for the best place on board

It gets really cozy in the cockpit in the evening when a lamp still spreads atmospheric light and is so bright that you can also read or together play. SeaHelp presents the most beautiful models.

The classic

brass oil lamp

More maritime style hardly goes. The classic brass oil lamps, refilled with lamp oil, are unsurpassed in romance factor in the anchorage or cozy harbor. It doesn’t matter if they stand on a table or superstructure or dangle from a large tree. With proper care, they will last for decades. However, they must be transported carefully at sea to prevent the glass plunger from breaking and spilling oil. As an alternative to heavy, high-quality brass, the familiar storm lamps are also available in sheet steel galvanized on both sides. The range of storm or anchor lanterns, but also fire hand called lanterns is large and suitable for every budget. (A.W. Niemeyer GmbH)

The Stylish

Petit Edison

Plastic can be classy and really beautiful. The Petit Edison by Fatboy lamp is virtually indestructible, splash-proof, can be placed anywhere, and can be re-styled over and over again with a variety of different cover covers. It does not get hot and can be conveniently stowed under the deck. It is easily charged via a USB cable. The LED medium has a power of 60 W and is very economical in consumption. The brightness can be adjusted in three levels, so that the luminosity can be completely adapted to the mood. In dim light, the lighting time is about 24 hours, those who like it brighter can expect about six hours of light.


Light on board: lamp Petit Edison from Fatboy
© Fatboy the Original B.V.


The Companion

Follow me

Come with me – everywhere! This motto fits the modern, portable LED lamp from Marset, which comes in a variety of finishes and has won numerous design awards. The swiveling diffuser allows the light to be adjusted to different conditions and creates strong accents on deck and in the salon. The main difference between this lamp and other models made of high-quality plastic such as polycarbonate is the handle made of veneered laminated wood, which gives it an elegant look. Whether standing on the table or as a reading lamp in the berth, the “Follow me” model is so good that you’ll want to have several of them on board. This lamp is also charged in a relaxed manner via the USB interface, and the light intensity can be regulated via a three-stage dimmer. At full power, the battery capacity lasts for about five hours. Cost: depending on the version from about 170.00 euros.


Light on board: FollowMe from Marset


The Bar Feeling

Bottle Spirit

Easy to hang, dimmable and easy to charge via USB: The Lamp “Elo” by Sompex in the form of a bottle fits into any cockpit and to any atmospheric evening in familiar round. The practical ring on the neck of the bottle allows it to be attached almost anywhere, making it an ideal companion for a spontaneous picnic on the beach. Infinitely dimmable via gentle pressure on the “bottle head”, with a pleasant warm white light and a runtime of more than seven hours. Available in white or seven different color combinations with white.

Ship for the ship

The boat lamp

It looks like a folded paper boat, can float and is also a real eye-catcher on the cockpit table: the also LED-powered lamp “The Boat Lamp™”. Made of translucent plastic, this lamp is shatterproof and even waterproof, operated by infrared remote control, which can also be used to determine the LED light play and color scheme. Depending on the brightness level, one battery charge is enough for up to eight hours. The lamp can shine in classic white or in six different fixable colors. Those who like can also set a smooth change of 160,000 colors. A stainless steel transport ring makes it possible to launch the little ship even next to the big yacht, so that it bobs over the waves for hours as a romantic eye-catcher.

For the patient


They look immensely romantic and are great for decorating with shells, sand and stones: Glass lanterns. But on board they are unfortunately almost as impractical as an open candle. Every little breeze blows them out immediately, they are difficult to store below deck and threaten to break if stored incorrectly or in a heavy swell. So better to collect wonderful little souvenirs on the vacation beaches and then arrange them decoratively in a lantern at home. A romantic reminder of the beautiful hours and days on board.

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