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UN goals on sails: With bold, colorful sails for a better world

Art exhibition on the water, for World Oceans Day at UNESCO in Paris.
Art exhibition for World Oceans Day.© Monheimer Kulturwerke GmbH

Artist Stefan Szczesny designed seventeen J/70 sails with the UN goals. They will be on display in front of the UNESCO headquarters for World Ocean Day in Paris, and before that they were on display at the opening event of the 2022 sailing league season on Hamburg’s Außenalster.

They immediately catch the eye. They are colorful, cheerful and striking. You can’t miss them. Nor should you. Because what the artist Stefan Szczesny has depicted on the 17 sails are the 17 goals defined by the United Nations to make our world a little better for all of us. The 17 Global Goals are intended to contribute to enabling all people on our planet to live in dignity. The goals include: Ending extreme poverty, quality education for all and combating climate change.

To coincide with World Oceans Day on June 8, the sails will now be displayed directly in front of and at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. On display until June 13, 2022 (except weekends), the artworks, which measure approximately 16 square meters, will be displayed in Hall Ségur and Salle Mirò at UNESCO headquarters. In the main hall, the motifs of the sails will be presented on a large scale, and boats with set sails will provide a special eye-catcher in front of the building. The German artist Stefan Szczesny, who lives in Saint-Tropez, will himself be on site to explain his special, artistic view of the Global Goals.

For greater visibility of the 17 Global Goals, a cultural regatta has already been held three times in Germany using the artistically designed sails. In August 2021, the sails were set for the first time on the boats of the German Sailing League and started in Monheim on the Rhine. The second time they were shown on the Rhine was in September 2021 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Most recently, the large, colorful sails received a lot of attention at the opening event of the German Sailing League in May 2022 on Hamburg’s Außenalster.

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