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Fuel prices for gasoline, diesel, LPG and natural gas: Daily updated prices for Croatia and Italy vacationers

Daily fuel prices: Fuel prices for Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia & Italy
High fuel prices for gasoline, diesel, LPG and natural gas can be beaten if you fill up smartly on your vacation trip. With the current fuel prices in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, vacationers can plan their fuel stops better and save money.© Deeplab | Adobe Stock

Since the Ukraine crisis at the latest, fuel prices for gasoline, diesel, LPG and natural gas (CNG) know only one direction: upwards!

For vacationers, who set out with their own vehicle on the way to the Adriatic Sea to Italy, Slovenia or Croatia, the fuel prices can already significantly ease the vacation cash.

How one can save nevertheless despite the momentary situation its travel cash a little, in addition SeaHelp would like to contribute with the täglich aktualisierten Spritpreisen for Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy a little, because who refuels cleverly, has more money at the vacation place at the disposal.

Petrol and diesel cheap in Slovenia

As a rule of thumb for the recently necessary planning of fuel stops: currently (summer 2022) gasoline and diesel are still cheapest in Slovenia. But this can also change, as can be easily seen in the example of Hungary. There, the fixed price of 480 forints, the equivalent of about 1.22 euros, applies for the time being only to drivers whose vehicle has a Hungarian license plate. Gasoline customers with foreign license plates will have to pay about 40% more for fuel. Whether this measure corresponds to the discrimination prohibition of the European Union, the Hungarian government does not seem to concern. Obviously, they want to curb fuel tourism from neighboring countries with this measure.

High fuel prices at freeway filling stations

But refueling at highway service stations can also cost an exorbitant amount of money. At some freeway filling stations in Germany, as the author himself had to experience, the liter of diesel cost an almost outrageous 2.56 euros on 28.5.2022, while at the car station directly on the freeway, just over five kilometers away, it was just 1.96 euros. With an 80-liter tank that needs to be refueled with 70 liters, the difference of 60 cents is 42 euros. Converted into cevapcici or pizza at the vacation destination already one or the other meal…!

If possible, use E 10 gasoline

Anyone who still has to fill up with gasoline in Germany should definitely think about E 10 gasoline. The environmentally friendly fuel with an ethanol content of up to 10% can be used without problems in almost all vehicles that are not older than 10 years. A look at the owner’s manual or the Internet provides additional clarity. E 10 Banzin costs in Germany on average 6 cents less than E 5 gasoline and you also protect the environment.

Inform yourself about fuel prices beforehand

In general, motorists should inform themselves in advance about the current fuel prices for gasoline, diesel, LPG and natural gas before starting their vacation trip, because this allows them to save many a euro despite the drastic increase in fuel prices, which ultimately benefits their vacation funds.

SeaHelp-Members save also in Croatia

By the way: SeaHelp members can also save money on gas at SeaHelp’s benefit partners. On fuel prices get SeaHelp members receive a discount of 0.10 kuna per liter at Crodux gas stations holding a SeaHelp membership card, and a discount of 0.15 kuna per liter at Flash boat gas stations.

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