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Croatia according to COVID-19: “Border opening light” for business travellers and boat owners as of 11th May, confirmed under conditions

Covid-19: Kroatien öffnet Grenzen unter Auflagen
Brauchen Bootsbesitzer für die Einreise nach Kroatien zusätzlich einen triftigen Grund oder reichen Seebrief bzw. IBS und ein Liegeplatzvertrag aus?
At the Sunday press conference of the national civil protection authority, the Croatian border opening in the light version was once again confirmed. In order to limit it to the facts relevant for foreign visitors according to the current status: As already reported, business travellers for business purposes and for a reason that cannot be postponed, as well as foreign real estate owners and yacht owners are allowed to enter the country. Whether the possession of a yacht and a berth contract in Croatia is sufficient for yacht owners or whether there must be an additional good reason for a trip, remained open even after several inquiries from journalists present during the press conference. It was said, however, that the final decision on the permission to enter the country was reserved for the border police.

Last legal certainty missing

On our own behalf: Against this background, the SeaHelp editorial team expressly points out that only information available from Croatia has been prepared in the best possible way to provide readers with facts on the basis of which they can make their own decisions. We too would have liked to have seen a greater degree of legal certainty on the part of the Croatian government, but in the final analysis this seems to be due to the situation. On Monday, we will contact the relevant authorities in this regard.

Here is the German translation (without guarantee/only relevant areas) of the information sheet of the Croatian health service on the new regulation:

Entry into Croatia for foreign citizens.

If a foreign citizen intends to cross the Croatian state border, one of the following conditions must be met:

  1. he has documents confirming his ownership of a land plot (house) in Croatia or of a boat (also possible with a leasing contract) or he comes to Croatia for a funeral (has the relevant documents for this) Once the conditions are fulfilled, these foreigners are guaranteed to cross the border, they are registered with address and place of residence where they will stay or where the house/boat is located, as well as telephone number and how long they will stay or when the return trip is planned.
  2. if the person is able to present documents proving that an economic operation from the Republic of Croatia is inviting them, that there is an economic interest in entering the Republic of Croatia or an invitation to a business meeting For these travellers, an address/address where they will be staying, a telephone number and the expected period of stay in Croatia, or when the return journey is planned, must also be registered.
  3. All other foreign citizens who have a business reason for travelling to Croatia, which they cannot yet schedule and do not have the appropriate documents, must notify their planned entry (crossing the Croatian border) to the following e-mail: and they will receive a reply to their request as soon as possible.

Boat sufficient or boat plus reason?

However, it remained open whether the above-mentioned points 1 to 3 are each in connection with a valid reason such as a business trip or apply on their own. There are also different statements on this in an article in the German-speaking Croatian media, which probably still require a corresponding interpretation by the Croatian government. It is to be assumed, however, that this is not likely to be a general relaxation, but that business trips, whatever one may understand by this, will be permitted in order not to violate EU regulations and thus to disrupt further negotiations between Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

Boat owners explicitly mentioned

However, one thing is certain: The explicit mention of boat owners, quasi in one sentence with real estate owners, should indicate that Croatian government representatives show understanding for the worries and needs of these groups of people.

IBS or sea letter and berth contract

SeaHelp therefore recommends waiting for further clarification before planning a trip to Croatia, unless there is a valid reason in terms of the travel restrictions imposed. As proof for the possession of a boat however the German international boat license (IBS) and/or the Austrian sea letter and additionally a berth contract with a Croatian Marina might be sufficient.

Furthermore, it is valid from Monday (under observance of the hygiene regulations):

– Groups up to 40 persons are allowed
– Open Shopping Center
– Open national parks
– Exhibitions may take place
– Café-Bars and restaurants may open

In addition, fitness centres can be used again from 13 May and swimming pools from 18 May.

Covid-19: Brac again under quarantine

The island of Brac is subject to a special regulation: Due to an accumulation of COVID-19 cases caused by SARS-CoV-2, the island will initially be quarantined again.

Further Information:

Travel recommendations of the Croatian health authority:

Travel restrictions:

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