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Croatia holidays by boat: Tourism agency Marco Polo in Medulin: Apartment including safe trailer parking

Apartment in Croatia near the city port of Medulin
The city port of Medulin offers special protection from wind and waves, especially for trailer boats, due to its location. The offered apartments and villas are well equipped throughout.

Especially skippers, who set out on their way to the Adriatic Sea in pleasure boats, are looking for special apartments: Close to the water, easy to reach and with enough space for the trailer at the apartment. And this is exactly where Istria comes into play, especially the Medulin region.

In times of the coronavirus it was largely spared from infections with Sars-CoV-2. Not least because suitable measures were taken early on to counteract the spread of the virus. This is why the region is particularly suitable for trailer boat drivers who are looking for a safe haven in two respects: On the one hand, to safely store the boat and trailer, but also to save themselves a long journey to the southern regions of Croatia from Austria or Germany.

New SeaHelp cooperation partner

The new SeaHelp cooperation partner, the tourism agency Marco Polo from Medulin, offers SeaHelp members accommodation in special apartments, which also have enough space on the property to park the trailer safely and of course free of charge. SeaHelp members also receive a 10% discount on the apartment prices. All you need to do is provide your SeaHelp membership number when booking.

Safe berth in the city harbour

The location of Medulin in the south of the Istrian peninsula is made even more attractive by the fact that the city harbour always has a suitable, reasonably priced berth for trailer boats, which can easily be booked even before departure. And of course Medulin also has a corresponding maritime infrastructure in the form of various service companies.


City port of Medulin
Offers protection against wind and waves: The city harbour of Medulin/Istria, where sports boat drivers are offered cheap moorings. In combination with an apartment in Medulin a good combination.


Marco Polo: second-generation family business

The Agency Marco Polo in Medulin is a long-established family business. It is now run by the second generation and offers mainly apartments and holiday homes or villas in the region. Of course, German is spoken and the attentive staff can be relied on if a minor problem should arise.


Croatia Villa Marko Medulin
Villa Marko: This fantastic villa with pool is a magical attraction for every holiday lover. Those who have been guests here once, will surely come back again.


Attractive water sports area in Croatia

The Medulin region has a lot to offer for water sports enthusiasts: Restaurants that are easy to reach from the water, some with their own jetty, the proximity of the city of Pula, which is almost easier to reach on your own keel than by car due to the constant parking problems, and of course the Cape Kamenjak with its countless bays and protected anchorages.

Istria: Interesting hinterland

Those who can do without their boat for a day should not miss to visit the Istrian hinterland. Wineries, agro-tourism enterprises and of course the numerous, still original restaurants off the usual tourist paths invite you to visit at any time.

Easily accessible via motorway

Added to this is the exceptionally good transport connection. If you come from Germany or Austria, you can practically take the motorway all the way to the Medulin exit and after just a few kilometres you will be on the well-developed country roads.

10 % discount and safe parking space for trailers

SeaHelp members who wish to take advantage of the “apartment plus trailer boat parking space” offer should contact the Marco Polo agency by e-mail and provide travel time and details of the desired apartment. As an answer they will receive concrete proposals with apartments, on whose yard a safe parking place for the trailer is guaranteed. In addition, the agency can of course also arrange for the trailer to be parked near the apartment. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from making an inquiry by telephone. When booking, it is absolutely necessary to give your SeaHelp membership number to be able to take advantage of the 10% discount.

ACI Marina Pomer, ACI Marina Pula and Marina Veruda

Medulin itself has developed from a small fishing village to a region fully developed for tourism, which also has its charm for sports boaters: Small offshore islands, bays with crystal-clear water and a maritime infrastructure that is unparalleled in Istria. In the immediate vicinity there are the ACI Marina Pomer, the ACI Marina Pula and the Marina Veruda.

Bays and anchorages for boaters

On the water it is possible to skipper in the direction of Cape Kamenjak. The peninsula, which has lost none of its original charm, is considered a special attraction both for sports boaters and for guests who want to visit this unspoilt region with its numerous bays and anchorages from the land side.

Cape Kamenjak (Tip: Move the “yellow male” over the map and explore the surroundings)


Restaurants and konobas

Also culinary one does not miss out in the region Medulin/Istria. Around Pula, numerous top restaurants provide variety on the menu, while the typical Istrian konobas offer simple but tasty regional products.

Weekly market Pula

You should not miss a visit to the weekly market in Pula. Once you have found a parking space there, you will be able to enjoy the whole variety of Istrian cuisine: from fresh herbs and Mediterranean vegetables to high-quality wines and olive oils. It is rounded off by freshly caught fish and the best meat, which will let the day end perfectly with an evening barbecue at the apartment in Medulin.

Links to booking:

Booking berth in the city port of Medulin
Booking apartment with trailer parking at Marco Polo Agency in Medulin (10% discount for SeaHelp members)

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