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Croatia after lockdown in June 2020: Dreamlike vacation on empty beaches

Croatia vacationer reports - empty beaches
Most of the yachts are still in the marina like here in Marina Veruda near Pula. In the city centres and bays there is little activity despite the best weather

Probably no one could describe the situation on site in Croatia better than the large SeaHelp community, of which numerous owners are already on site with their ships after the COVID-19 lockdown and share their impressions of the vacation quasi “live” via Facebook and Instagram on the respective SeaHelp channels. When SeaHelp asked its followers on Facebook to briefly describe their impressions on site and upload a photo, more Croatian travelers than could have expected followed the call.

Return to the paradise Croatia?

Their summary: Fantastic conditions for skippers, lonely bays and anchorages where otherwise the yachts are close together and friendly, stress-free service in the already reopened restaurants. In short: For many it seems like a return to paradise.

“It was nice, so quiet”

An entry by Armin sums it up in dialect: “It was nice, so quiet!” And this is exactly what the other users are looking for: bays in the Ilovik region are still orphaned by the bright sun. Further pictures show anchor buoys waiting for the arrival of the first skippers and even in the otherwise already crowded Stari Grad there are currently more than enough moorings at the harbour pier.

Whole bay for itself

In Rovinj, you can currently still see empty old town streets commented in the form of an entry by Mic, which makes you want to go to sea: “10 days of pure relaxation, Rovinj was very quiet”. Walter, who describes it in detail, is blowing the same horn: “In the week from June 6, we made a trip from Trogir to Solta, Brac and Hvar. In the last 15 years, we have never experienced such quiet and beautiful places in this normally always crowded area and we are sure that you will never experience it like this again. In every place we lay “1st row foot free” – in the bays we were almost alone. The hosts are happy about every guest!”

Holiday – towards the sun

Another user writes about the newly discovered cosiness on Vis. Probably the most beautiful photo of the series was taken on board a sailing yacht and could easily be used as a photo in program magazines of the formerly popular TV series “Towards the sun…“, which was shot on the island of Cres more than 30 years ago.

Peace on the Golden Horn

Another sailor was full of praise: “Were sailing from 6.6. to 13.6…! It was a dream.” As proof she adds a recent picture of the Golden Horn, which is hard to photograph in summer because of the yachts anchored in front of it. But now it is still quiet there. “Loneliness where the eye can see, Dennis comments on the green shimmering, crystal clear water in a bay and adds a “laugh smiley”.

Croatia called. It asks where you are

Helge comments the situation rather humorously: “Croatia just called. It asks where you are – he writes in a photo collage. The country is well prepared for the tourist season, but the start of the season is rather slow due to the Corona pandemic. For the skippers, this is a new chance to experience Croatia from the quiet side with the best weather, warm temperatures and first-class conditions.

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