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Holiday: Discover Croatia now in peace and quiet Tourism figures Croatia: In June 80% fewer tourists compared to last year

Vacation Croatia - Porec few vacationers
In June 2019 there was already a lot of activity in Porec, but in Istria things are still rather leisurely compared to the previous year.

Holiday Croatia 2019 vs. 2020: Just last year, innumerable users, especially in the social media, were up in arms about the alleged mass tourism in Croatia and proved it with rising tourism figures. Some even threatened to turn their backs on the country on the Adriatic forever. Currently, Croatia, with what is probably Europe’s most beautiful coast, is considered to be much safer in terms of infection figures than Germany and Austria, but tourists are staying away, as the numbers of foreign visitors show. Most of them should know by now: The corona virus spreads much less at high temperatures and light winds in the Adriatic Sea than in large gatherings of people in closed rooms or in workplaces with low temperatures, as known from the German meat industry.

Almost empty beaches in Croatia

Looking at the current tourism figures in comparison to the previous year, the question inevitably arises: in view of empty beaches and equally empty apartments, where is the species of naggers that would prefer to have entire beaches and bays to themselves?

Sharp decline in tourism figures

According to the Croatian authorities, tourism figures fell sharply. Whereas the Croatian statistics platform e-Visitor recorded 1,307,090 arrivals and 5,689,451 overnight stays from 3 to 16 June 2019, from 1 to 14 June 2020 it was just 215,720 arrivals and 1,033,509 overnight stays. This is a decline in tourism figures that has not left the Croatian economy unaffected.

Istria currently very popular with holidaymakers

A north-south divide in Croatia can clearly be identified in terms of destinations. While Istria still performs quite reasonably well in the north, the number of visitors decreases significantly the further south you go. The situation is even worse for the islands in Dalmatia, where hardly any holidaymakers have found their way to date. By going into detail, one has to notice that Porec, Umag, Medulin, Rovinj and Mali Losinj could welcome most of the vacationers until the middle of June. They mainly came from Germany, Slovenia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Economic consequences unforeseeable

Croatian hotels are the main victims of the crisis, which are expecting a drop in sales of 4.3 billion kuna in the first half of 2020 alone, according to leading associations of the hotel and restaurant industry. However, private apartment rentals in Croatia, which use tourists’ money to pay off part of the loans for guest apartments, are also facing hard times, as are restaurant operators and everyone else who has been involved in the tourism value chain so far.

Little guests – but good service

However, Croatia, which is dependent on tourism, is now developing its special charm. The first returnees who spent their holidays on the Adriatic Sea at Whitsun report about less frequented beaches, excellent service in the restaurants and a completely new “Croatia feeling” in times of the abating Corona pandemic.

Recreation pure – but please with distance

This applies not only to yacht owners, who currently have no problems at all with the new distance rules at the popular anchorages and marinas, but also to charter crews, who are enjoying the new freedom in their holidays to the full. Therefore our tip: Visit Croatia now on holiday and get to know the country from a completely new perspective. Gladly also on the “tourist paths”, but still completely without tourists.

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