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Ibiza: Small, Rich & Beautiful

Ibiza - small, rich and beautiful: rocky island Es Vedra
The island of Es Vedra, where Odysseus once crashed and the most beautiful sunsets can be experienced. | Photo: ocean7

Ibiza is known for its clubs, celebrities, hippie scene and many other reasons. But less so as a sailing destination. Yet the third largest Balearic island is an uncomplicated, entertaining and compact terrain for varied cruises, especially for families and sailing novices.

Ibiza may be the biggest party island in the Mediterranean, but the truth is: Ibiza is small. With its 572 km² it is just larger than Lake Constance, so the sailing trips around Ibiza are not very extensive. For a circumnavigation of the island, one should calculate about 40 miles, which can be done in one day if the wind is favorable.

Fortunately, the island has enough bays and neighboring islands where it is worthwhile to drop anchor, enjoy the crystal clear water and explore the hinterland, which is largely partly protected. And then there is – at least in the tourist strongholds – also quite a stimulating nightlife, which tempts to longer stays.


Ibiza - small, rich and beautiful: Ibiza Town
Ibiza Town in the background | Photo: ocean7


A sailing destination for beginners

The manageability is one of the reasons why Ibiza is an ideal entry-level sailing area, especially for not so experienced crews. Others include the favorable wind conditions – in summer there is usually a mild breeze coming from the south or southwest, which suggests a clockwise circumnavigation. In addition, there are only a few shallows or reefs, which are adequately marked, with a few exceptions. For example, you should pay attention around the rocky island of Es Vedra, near which is the unmarked shoal La Bota. Odysseus, distracted by the sirens, is said to have crashed on this mighty rock, which rises 382 meters out of the sea.


Ibiza - small, rich and beautiful: rocky island Es Vedra
The island of Es Vedra, where Odysseus once crashed and the most beautiful sunsets can be experienced. | Photo: ocean7


Where the Money Anchors

Besides Es Vedra, the sailing district has numerous other spots that are worth seeing. The pretty Cala Salada, for example, in whose cliffs nature has carved 1,001 terraces on several levels into the rock over millions of years and which today serves as a wildly romantic stage for many sun worshippers. Or Cala Vadella, with its small village built gently into the slopes, which has been able to retain much of its original character. Ibiza Town is, of course, a must, on the one hand to experience the worl atmosphere, on the other hand because of the enchanting old town, which with its many white, cube-shaped houses is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Ibiza - small, rich and beautiful: Cala Vadella
Cala Vadella which could still preserve much originality. | Photo: ocean7


Also definitely on the tapet is the neighboring island of Formentera, a good ten miles away, which has kitschy sandy beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean, especially to the north and west.

Those who like to show what they have, and who like to see what others have, are in the right place at the famous Platja de ses Illetes, where nautical luxury is presented in all its grandeur.


Ibiza - small, rich and beautiful: beach Formentera
Formentera | Photo: ocean7


Keyword Money. The yacht charter in Ibiza is much more cost-intensive than, for example, in the neighboring area of Mallorca and also has by far not its offer.

Who has enough time, takes the two days to sail with the yacht from Mallorca to Ibiza there and back, and invest the money saved in one or the other better restaurant visit – it’s worth it!

Text: Wolfgang Gemünd | Photos: ocean7 | Source: ocean7

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