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Ibiza - small, rich and beautiful: rocky island Es Vedra

Ibiza is known for its clubs, celebrities, hippie scene and many other reasons. But less so as a sailing destination. Yet the third largest Balearic island is an uncomplicated, entertaining and compact terrain for varied cruises, especially for families and sailing novices. Ibiza may be the biggest party island in the Mediterranean, but the truth is: Ibiza is small. With...

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Menorca area - cruise around the island: Cala Pregonda bathing bay

Picturesque bays, tranquil villages, dreamlike clear water and a deep green hinterland: Menorca, only a hop away from the big sister Mallorca, is a dreamlike sailing area. Sailing blogger and ocean7 author Markus Silbergasser reveals to us his favorite places on a circumnavigation of the island. Just as Mallorca protects Menorca, which is located in the northeast, a little from...

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Cala Barcas, natural jewel north of the starting point Portocolom. | Photo: Martin Muth

Most charter fleets on Mallorca are found near the airport in and around the tourist stronghold of Palma. But not all. In the east of Mallorca, the fishing village of Portocolom has dedicated itself to authenticity and bravely defends its originality. If you set sail from here, you end up in a sea full of fantastic bays on the east...

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