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Austrian Boat Show Tulln 2020: SeaHelp in hall 6, booth 657: Save the Date

SeaHelp - Austrian Boat Show - BOAT TULLN 2020
Even though the Austrian Boat Show Boot Tulln only starts on March 5th and lasts until March 8th, SeaHelp members and friends should already now firmly plan a visit to the exhibition stand, because when it comes to safety, the breakdown service in hall 6, booth 657 will again have some solid advice in store. Particularly interesting: A practical lecture on the topic of risk prevention for 12/24 volt vehicle electrical systems, air conditioning systems, stationary heaters and liquid gas systems.

Experience has shown that many owners are all too careless with the corresponding installations, especially when they are retrofitted. Dangers due to escaping carbon monoxide or explosive gases are often underestimated. Even an air conditioning system in combination with a gas stove or auxiliary heating can quickly become a deadly trap. How dangerously spreading carbon monoxide can be on board was shown by an incident on a charter yacht off Hvar, in which a crew member died and other people, including children, were injured, some of them critically. A simple carbon monoxide detector for less than 50 Euros could have saved lives in this case. Another real scenario: The explosion of an E-yacht in the Hahler harbour near Minden, Germany, in which several firemen who were busy extinguishing the fire suffered, some of them very serious injuries.

However, the purpose of the presentation and consultation at the SeaHelp booth is not only to point out possible dangers, but also to offer practicable solutions. Wolfgang Dauser: ”In the age of laptops, tablets and smartphones, the energy requirements on board are constantly increasing, but often the on-board power supply system cannot keep up. Supposedly safe retrofit solutions are often not installed properly and create dangers that can easily be avoided. We provide tips on how you can safely get through the summer in the future.‟

Source: Youtube | Canal: messetulln

Info & Facts:

Fair ground plan boat Tulln 2020
Plan of the exhibition grounds: Austrian Boat Show – BOAT TULLN 2020

Austrian Boat Show – BOOT TULLN

Date: 05. bis 08. März 2020
Opening hours: Daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Messe Tulln GmbH
A-3430 Tulln, Messegelände
Tel: +43/(0)2272/62403-0
Fax: +43/(0)2272/65252

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