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boat Düsseldorf 2020: New membership model was positively accepted.

SeaHelp boat Düsseldorf 2020 | New membership model
The new SeaHelp membership models were the main focus of the boot Düsseldorf. SeaHelp CEO Wolfgang Dauser: ”The possibility to find exactly the right tailor-made solution for oneself among several models is well received by our members, as was already more than clearly demonstrated at the leading water sports trade fair in Düsseldorf‟. According to Wolfgang Dauser, an above-average number of new members as well as existing customers booked the Premium Pass via upgrade. The visitors attached particular importance to the new services such as anchor diving (up to 7 metres) and immediate telephone contact with an English-speaking doctor in an emergency at sea.

KIRT Steiermark, who spent two days on site in Düsseldorf to explain the advantages of the medical emergency service via telephone to members and interested parties, was almost like advertising on its own behalf. Whenever an incident with a health problem is reported to the SeaHelp operations centre, the caller can be immediately connected to the SeaHelp cooperation partner, KIRT Steiermark. For holders of the Premium Pass this is even free of charge. The 24-hour hotline, which is constantly manned by emergency paramedics, provides expert assistance and supports necessary immediate measures until the patient can be handed over to a Croatian doctor.

However, the service, which was tested in the 2019 season, has also proved its worth in the event of minor health problems. The measures taken by the new SeaHelp cooperation partner ranged from forgotten prescriptions to various allergies and contact with jellyfish and sea urchins to transport to an German hospital, much to the satisfaction of the members concerned. In order not to give the wrong impression, though: Services that go beyond emergency aid, such as ambulance transport or issuing prescriptions and medication are of course subject to a charge.

But also diving for anchors that have become snagged on the sea bed (up to 7 metres) is included in the Premium Pass, as well as the extended towing possibilities (up to 30 nm) and of course the linguistic support if the Croatian or Italian conversation partner suddenly does not want to or cannot understand English anymore.

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