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From 26 April to 5 May: Tank cleaner on Adriatic tour

Yacht / Boat tank cleaning by MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH
The tank cleaning experts of MFT Mikrofiltertechnik are on an ”Adriatic tour‟ again in spring. On 26 and 27 April they will start their round trip in Northern Italy to complete some orders already firmly booked. The journey will then continue via Slovenia, Istria, the island of Krk to Split. SeaHelp members have the opportunity to save 10% of the cost of tank cleaning through the Benefit Partner discount.

Christian Burmester from MFT Mikrofiltertechnik:”Since more and more biodiesel has been added to biodiesel in Croatia after its accession to the EU, people have realized that there is a need for action. We receive numerous orders from customers whose ships are based in Croatia‟. The trend here is not really surprising: More and more skippers are reporting diesel problems, partly because high-quality additives are hardly available.

Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side, you should seek advice in advance as to whether a tank inspection or tank cleaning is necessary or possible.

<a title=”Vorteile einer SeaHelp Mitgliedschaft” href=””>SeaHelp members</a> can book a tank inspection at the SeaHelp special price of 90 euros less 10% and also a tank cleaning via the SeaHelp headquarters in Ebensee or directly by e-mail. Tank cleaning is charged according to the ship and the work involved, minus the ten percent SeaHelp benefit discount for members. But in this case you usually save even more: Since the cleaning professionals are already on site, the necessary travel costs are reduced considerably.

SeaHelp has been emphasising the importance of appropriate ”tank hygiene‟ for years. A SeaHelp inspection of the diesel tanks at Marina Olive Island revealed bacteria in the tanks of approximately 80% of the yachts inspected. For safety reasons, many of the tanks had to be cleaned to avoid the risk of fuel-related engine failures. The result of this first large-scale investigation ultimately led to many owners paying more attention to the fuel in their tanks.

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