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It does not always have to be new: The used boat show NAUTILIA in Aprilia Marittima

Aprilia Marittima aus der Luft
Aprilia Marittima aus der Luft © Cantieri di Aprilia

While boating tourism is gradually recovering from the consequences of the Corona crisis, more and more owners are also finding their berth in their dream marina. This trend shows that vacations on a boat have become an attractive alternative to the classic vacation on the beach. Exploring the sea and the coast, enjoying the company of friends and family, is a pleasure that can be enjoyed on motorized inflatable boats, motor boats as well as sailboats of any size.

A used boat as a cost-effective alternative to buying new

But where to get it when the budget is a little tighter and a completely new waterworthy vehicle only allow limited? The used boat show NAUTILIA in Aprilia Marittima offers the appropriate answer to this question. Already for the 35th time the Nautilia invites to two weekends and three days each from Saturday, the 15.10.2022 to Monday, the 17.10.2022, and from Saturday, the 21, to Monday, the 23.10, in Latisana. Conveniently accessible from southern Germany or Austria in just a few hours by freeway, it has become an integral part of the Italian trade fair calendar.

NAUTILIA is an opportunity to welcome old and new owners of boats and to sift through the offer that exists in the market. Here professional and private exhibitors of used motor, sail, inflatable or trailer boats meet with interested parties. And there is also entertainment for the family.


Eugenio Toso, one of the organizers of NAUTILIA with his son Nicola.
Eugenio Toso, one of the organizers of NAUTILIA with his son Nicola.© Cantieri di Aprilia


In fact, the Italian used boat show is unparalleled. The concept is as simple as it is unique. Instead of being completely viewed in the water and thus only via a possibly costly crane service, the boats are already on land. This makes it possible to view the boats from permanently installed pontoons and to inspect them in every respect. This is a plus that builds confidence, because repairs to the underwater hull can make considerable holes in the budget if, for example, there is osmosis damage to be repaired. Surveyors are on hand in Aprilia to clear up any last doubts. In addition, the organizing shipyard Cantieri di Aprilia offers professional support. Thus a cost estimate for necessary repair expenditures or maintenance costs can be obtained at any time.

A wide range of products for all needs

The NAUTILIA fair, held twice a year (in spring this fair is called “Porte aperte all’usato” – “Open Days for Used Boats”), is a magnet that attracts visitors from Italy, Austria and Germany. After all, around 300 boats, distributed among more than 30 brands make the 50,000 square meter area a playground for dreamers. Who wouldn’t want to dream of their new boat with such a selection? Thus Europe’s largest used boat fair presents itself for the opening on 15 October and as in the past years naturally with a consistent hygiene concept as well as news from the boat care.

The boat market in Italy is dominated by motorboats. NAUTILIA takes this into account by offering around 75 percent motorized boats. In Friuli-Venezia Giulia in particular, the fast inflatable boats, also known here as gommones, are popular for quickly exploring the tangle of shallow waterways and canals with friends or family in the evening or at the weekend, or for a short fishing trip. In June every year, fans of the “Gommonauti del Prosecco” gather to escort them from the nearby Marina Uno (, while the skippers of the motorboats allow numerous handicapped children to enjoy an excursion in the lagoon.


Fixed pontoons allow convenient viewing of the ships on offer.
Fixed pontoons allow convenient viewing of the ships on offer.© Nautilia/Aprilia Marittima


But also sailboats in the size up to 20 meters are on offer. With them, a detour to Trieste or down the coast to Venice and further along the Italian boot or across to Croatia is possible at any time. With only the wind as propulsion, you can then enjoy this almost silent and natural form of locomotion.

The exhibition catalog is available online

To dreaming also the extensive fair catalog invites, which is callable on-line under From the small Motorflitzer up to the veritablen yacht in it everything is gathered, which one would like to regard later on the fair. So the fair attendance can be prepared optimally. Those looking for entertainment will even find answers in the catalog to questions such as why there are practically no green boats in Italy, why you shouldn’t have an umbrella on board, what’s behind the belief that you shouldn’t rename a boat, or why it’s even forbidden to chat about rabbits on board.

Tips for excursions in the beautiful surroundings such as Marano Lagunare or in the nature reserves and the offer of service agencies complete the catalog. The catalog is colorful and you should not miss to take it at the fair. The offer in the exhibitors’ tents, as well as the bar on the grounds, will then tempt you to extend the trip a bit more and chat with friends and family.

Who would like to know the offer of SeaHelp ( or the special achievements with discounts for customers of the Cantieri di Aprilia ( more near, informs on the web page or likewise in the catalog. The same applies to the regatta calendar of the region. Some people are already looking forward to the start of the ICE CUP, which is held every year at the beginning of December. Sailing always takes place in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


NAUTILIA – Zeit, um vom neuen gebrauchten Boot zu Träumen
NAUTILIA – Zeit, um vom neuen gebrauchten Boot zu Träumen.© Nautilia/Aprilia Marittima



But until then, a little time passes. And who should not manage this fall to visit the 35th edition of NAUTILIA, the spring fair PORTE APERTE ALL’USATO in the spring of 2023 is recommended. This will give you time to once again search for your own used dream boat before all the boats hit the water again in the spring.

Tickets for the NAUTLIA are available online here:

Admission: 10 euros, for children up to 14 years or disabled persons reduced 5 euros.

Opening hours:Open on weekends from 10 am to 6 pm.

Cantieri di Aprilia
Via del Coregolo 14
33053 Aprilia Marittima (UD)
Tel. +39 0431 53146


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