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SeaHelp membership is especially important in times of Corona: Additional 30% “corona discount” for SeaHelp towage due to marina change

Additional 30% "corona discount" for SeaHelp towage due to marina change
SeaHelp offers special services for owners who are unable to reach their vessels due to the Coronavirus entry stop. There is an additional 30% "corona discount" on towage due to a change of berth.
SeaHelp is currently receiving an increasing number of calls from members whose ships are in the Adriatic region. SeaHelp receives a variety of requests for assistance from owners who are unable to reach their vessels due to Coronavirus travel restrictions, ranging from simply checking on board to see if the tarpaulin is still in place to towing to another marina for a change of berths. Especially the marina changes are understandably causing difficulties at the moment.

Berth contracts expire on 31 March

90 percent of the berth contracts in Croatia end on 31 March of the respective year and start again on 1 April, which means that this would actually be the “peak season” for changing berths, but in fact this cannot be done because the borders are closed due to the Coronavirus. The consequence: Owners who have cancelled their berths have to pay daily rates in many places from April 1st, which can be quite expensive. That is why SeaHelp offers to transfer the yacht on time until April 1st. Members receive a 50% discount on towing costs according to the booked pass. Due to the current tense situation, another 30 % “corona discount” will be granted.

SeaHelp towing at special rates

Here is a calculation example: The costs for a 13-metre yacht for a transfer over a distance of 23 nm amount to 2,990 euros for non-members, members pay only 1,495 euros. With the special discount of 30%, the bottom line is 1,046.50 euros for the transfer. Even if it were possible to enter Croatia, this solution should be a viable option, because the journey, transfer to the other marina, return journey and daily berth fees would amount to an average of 100 euros/day anyway.

For liability reasons and to avoid damage, SeaHelp will not launch the yacht, but will tow it to the new berth only when the sea is calm, so that no damage can occur.

SeaHelp currently “extended arm” of the owner

A SeaHelp spokesperson: “We are currently acting in the areas we support as an extension of the owner who cannot reach his ship and is therefore asking SeaHelp for support. Whenever possible, our emergency services are happy to perform such tasks reliably, even if they don’t always fit the typical requirements of a breakdown service.”

For many owners, it is generally important to know that SeaHelp is a local partner they can trust. SeaHelp has long since established itself as an important local support in addition to the marina staff. From the questions that reach the operations centre in Punat and the headquarters in Ebensee on a daily basis, one can guess what worries yacht owners currently have: What actually happens if a storm or other unforeseen event occurs and I can’t get to my vessel? Who will help with necessary arrangements, be it with authorities, the naval administration or other institutions? Where can I obtain reliable, verified information about the situation on site?

Reliable information from SeaHelp

The answer to all these questions is simply SeaHelp! With two bases in Italy, one base in Slovenia and eight bases in Croatia, there is always a SeaHelp employee on site who can check up on things or take urgent, unpostponable measures in consultation with the owner.

This is one of the reasons why membership of Europe’s largest breakdown service SeaHelp is just as important in times of a pandemic as it is in times when you can pursue your favourite hobby, water sports, without restrictions. And by the way: For questions that are not answered by our numerous contributions on the Internet about the current situation, we are also available to you in partnership at any time by e-mail at

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