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Croatia is getting serious to save tourist season: Restaurants, cafés and many businesses closed due to Coronavirus – SeaHelp still operational

Coronavirus: Croatia closes restaurants and shops
Cafés and restaurants in Croatia closed for 30 days from 19 March
Coronavirus: In view of the threatening situation for the country due to the lack of income from tourism, Croatia is taking the situation seriously and is shutting down public life. From 19 March, 00.01 hours, all restaurants and shops that are not related to the direct supply of the population will be closed for 30 days. Employees should work in the home office if possible. In addition, all public events have been cancelled, according to Croatian media reports. Depending on how the situation develops, the measures, initially limited until the end of April, may be lifted again prematurely after a reassessment of the situation. The operational readiness of SeaHelp will of course be maintained.

Public life down

Here are the statements of Interior Minister Bozinovic and Health Minister Beros in a joint statement: “In order to realise this for everybody in Croatia, a decision is being prepared to cancel public events and meetings, work will be stopped for all non-essential services: including saunas, swimming pools, cinemas, clubs, theatres. In addition, work will be stopped in all hospitality/catering facilities, except for the preparation and delivery of food. All shops except those selling food and toiletries will stop working. Gas stations, bakeries, etc. will continue to operate…”, it is said. The work of gyms, fitness centres, exhibitions, trainings, shows, fairs, etc. will cease. Religious gatherings will also be stopped, said Interior Minister Bozinovic.

Home office in demand

“As far as employers are concerned, they are obliged to organise a possibility to work from home. All meetings and business trips have to be cancelled unless it is absolutely necessary. People suffering from acute respiratory diseases are not allowed to come to work,” said Bozinovic. Another decision is in preparation, which will ban cross-border traffic,” Bozinovic continued.

“Everything that is not necessary will be suspended”, Bozinovic concluded. “Our responsibility is to assess this situation day by day. This decision has been taken for thirty days, which does not mean that it cannot be extended or reversed,” Bozinovic said, also in view of the tourist season that will start in May and which will be tried to rescue with tough measures.

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