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Damage woth millions: Maiora yacht goes up in flames in Marina Punat

Damage woth millions: Maiora yacht goes up in flames in Marina Punat
The fire brigade in the Marina Punat can hardly complain about lack of work this year: After the major fire on the grounds of dry berths (Brodica) in mid-May, the forces on Whit Monday had to move out again to a fire in the marina.

Maiora yacht was on fire, but could be quickly extinguished by the rapid intervention of the fire department. First estimates by experts see the damage in millions, whether personal injury has occured, has not yet been determined.

On Whit Monday at 19.00 h a strong, widely visible cloud of smoke from a recent fire in the marina Punat testified. According to first testimonies, the fire evidently broke out in the saloon of a yacht from the shipyard of the Italian manufacturer Maiora and spread quickly around. The yacht had moored to the outside of one of the visitors jetties.
Only through the rapid and prudent intervention of the naval fire service could significantly greater damage be avoided. Due to the Pentecost holidays in Austria and Germany, the marina was in a state of high activity at the time of the fire.

After the fire was extinguished on board, the yacht was first towed to the marina’s own repair facility, where police and appraisers are now researching the cause of the fire.

Incidentally, this was not the only fire this weekend: In Bibinje (Sukosan), a sailing ship went up in flames for reasons unknown until now. The skipper, an Austrian, just managed to control the burning sailor near the shore and to save himself with a courageous jump into the water. He came safely ashore.

Of course, SeaHelp will continue to report on the causes and consequences of these extraordinary events when more secure information is available.

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