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For trips to Croatia: Register on Enter Croatia and use “Fast Lane” on entry

Enter Croatia Formular: Registrieren für schnelleren Grenzübertritt.
Einfach dem Link folgen, der Rest ist eigentlich selbsterklärend. Nach Registrierung erhält man Rückmail mit Registrierungsbestätigung. Derzeit noch in Englisch, Deutsch folgt.

Enter Croatia: No traffic jams at the border when entering Croatia, this is probably what most travellers who want to visit the country already at Whitsun wish for. Because Croatia closed its borders early on and consistently implemented curfews, the country can open again early, in time for Pentecost. So that sun-seekers at the border do not have to stand in traffic jams for too long due to the intensive controls, it is now possible to register online on the website (Enter Croatia) of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism for quick entry. There will even be a special “Fast Lane” for registered visitors.

No more paperwork

Enter Croatia - Pre-registration for entry to CroatiaEnter Croatia – Pre-registration for entry into CroatiaSeaHelp had already provided information in advance and, pending the implementation of measures for accelerated entry, had recommended that a self-made slip of paper be presented at border control to facilitate the work of border guards and prevent backlogging far into Slovenia.

Fast clearance thanks to Enter Croatia

Thanks to “Enter Croatia” the paper economy is now over. Under this link with the keyword “Enter Croatia” travellers can register, but so far only in a form in English. German will follow. There they will be guided through the menu. Later, open the +new accomodation button, enter their destination and confirm the privacy policy.

Text after registration (Click to enlarge)

Confirmation by mail from Enter Croatia

You will then see a text displayed with a user ID number. Remember the number and print the text as a precaution so that you can show it at the border when entering Croatia. You will also receive a confirmation by e-mail, but without user ID.

Here is the text of the mail you receive after registering with “Enter Croatia”, translated:


Dear travellers, Croatia welcomes you.

In order to make your stay in the Republic of Croatia as safe as possible, we will give you some information about the measures taken to protect the health of all visitors and citizens of the Republic of Croatia.

No prior COVID-19 testing is required to enter the Republic of Croatia.

When entering the Republic of Croatia, you are not obliged to isolate yourself.


appearance of symptoms during your stay in the Republic of Croatia. If, after entering the Republic of Croatia, persons who have crossed the state border develop symptoms of the disease, they must stay in their accommodation and call their host, i.e. the organiser of their arrival, who will notify the doctor of primary health care (i.e. a doctor in a tourist medical clinic). Outside the working hours of the competent general practitioner, the host of the foreign (official) person showing pronounced symptoms of illness will call the emergency medical service.
Entry into the Republic of Croatia in relation to a person showing signs of the disease. If a person shows signs of the disease on entry into the Republic of Croatia, the border police shall notify the border health inspector and/or the sanitary inspector who shall decide on further action, with the possibility of transferring the person to a competent health facility for examination and treatment.
Catering facilities, additional facilities and shops are open to visitors. Epidemiological protection measures are prescribed for all types of services, ensuring the protection of visitors and staff and regular disinfection of premises.

When leaving the accommodation facility, it is recommended to wear a face mask or a cover for nose and mouth, to keep a physical distance from other persons (at least 1.5 metres) and to practise regular hand hygiene.

Recommendations and guidelines of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Wash your hands as often as possible with warm water and soap and/or use a hand disinfectant, which should be rubbed thoroughly between the palms of your hands. Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose and eyes.
It is recommended to pay contactlessly or use an online payment method.
It is recommended that you use your own means of transport or a rental car and, if you use other means of transport, observe the measures to prevent the spread of diseases (physical distance, regular hygiene, protective masks and gloves and the like).
It is recommended to avoid large groups of people with whom you do not share accommodation.
If symptoms of an acute respiratory infection occur (coughing, sore throat, increased body temperature, shortness of breath/respiratory problems, loss of smell and taste), it is necessary to stay at home/in the accommodation and notify the host/responsible family doctor (i.e. a doctor in a tourist medical clinic).
If suddenly severe, life-threatening symptoms occur, the person should contact the medical emergency service on 112.
If the symptoms occur and you need help, notify your host, who will contact the doctor on your behalf.

You can request additional information and clarification by calling 112 or 113.

The telephone number of the medical emergency service is 194 for the city of Zagreb and 112 outside the city of Zagreb.


Update 29.05.2020 (10:30 AM):

Currently many members are registering at SeaHelp headquarters who are unable to apply for the Enter Croatia Certificate for fast entry. They keep reporting errors and malfunctions, whose reason is obviously the overload of the server. SeaHelp tested it yesterday and although the site was a bit bumpy, it worked, as you can see. If it is not possible to register there, you should carry the relevant data on a separate sheet of paper and hand it over to the border guard. Obviously the rush to the Croatian Adriatic Sea over Whitsun seems to be stronger than expected.

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