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Lichtblick for travel at Easter: Slovenia entry with rapid test or vaccination without quarantine – when follows Croatia?

Free entry Slovenia with Coronavirus vaccination or PCR / antigen rapid test without quarantine possible.
Those who present a rapid antigen test, proof of vaccination or survived COVID-19 disease upon entry into Slovenia do not have to be quarantined.Also, a rapid antigen test immediately after entry into Slovenia exempts from quarantine.

Just in time for the start of the Easter vacations, the countries bordering the Adriatic Sea, currently Slovenia, seem to be relaxing their entry requirements due to Corona. One may assume that other countries, especially Croatia, will follow this example shortly. Worth mentioning against the background: from now on Slovenia allows free entry for vaccinated persons.

Slovenia: With Corona rapid test no quarantine

For Slovenia, the following applies with immediate effect: if a negative COVID-19 test not older than 48 hours or a Corona antigen rapid test not older than 24 hours is presented upon entry into Slovenia, no quarantine order will be issued by the Slovenian authorities. The decisive factor is the date of the swab, the statement continues.

Valid if test conducted within EU

The tests must have been performed in an EU member state, a Schengen member state, in Slovenia or by one of the following laboratories certified by Slovenian health authorities in other states.

Also Corona rapid test after entry Slovenia

Anyone entering Slovenia without a rapid PCR or antigen test is actually required to undergo ten days of quarantine. However, this can be ended immediately by a rapid PCR or antigen test performed in Slovenia.

No quarantine for vaccinated persons in Slovenia

Of note in light of the background: those who have already demonstrably survived a Corona infection or have been demonstrably vaccinated can also enter the country without quarantine or additional testing. The only condition: For the vaccine from Biontech/Pfizer, at least seven days must have passed since the 2nd administration. The time limit for the Moderna vaccine is 14 days and after administration of the first dose of the vaccine from AstraZeneca, at least 21 days must have passed. Transit through Slovenia is not affected by the regulations.

EU also supports recognition of rapid antigen tests

The measures are in line with regulations of the EU: the 27 EU states are known to have agreed in the Health Security Committee on a common list of COVID-19 antigen rapid tests, mutual recognition of rapid test results, and a common standardized data set for test results. The uncomplicated, inexpensive rapid tests in particular could again allow travel to the Adriatic, including Croatia, as early as Easter under certain circumstances because they can be performed easily and relatively reliably in marinas or after charter trips, for example.

Problem: Quarantine when returning to Germany/Austria

What remains, however, are still the quarantine rules on the return journey. Mandatory for Austrian citizens: those entering the country must enter a ten-day quarantine at their own expense. However, this can be terminated prematurely by a negative PCR or antigen rapid test, but not before the fifth day. For Germans, the following applies: travelers who have been in a other risk area (neither a high-incidence area nor a virus variant area) must have a test result available no later than 48 hours after their entry and submit it to the relevant authorities upon request. Quarantine regulations are governed by the ordinances of the German states.

Keep an eye on corona incidence values

In general, however, travelers to Slovenia and Croatia should always keep an eye on incidence rates in their respective regions. SeaHelp provides daily figures based on the official agencies of the respective countries, broken down by 7-day incidence and 14-day incidence.

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