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Premiere! First SeaHelp livestream on Friday, March 5, 2021 at 19.00 h: Start with a presentation on the subject of diesel plague.

SeaHelp Livestream: Lecture on the subject of diesel spraying
Because the trade fairs are cancelled, SeaHelp is launching a series of live lectures on YouTube on topics such as technology, maritime and tourism with well-known speakers from the water sports scene. Questions afterwards are expressly welcome.

About so important topics like fuels or diesel plague one speaks actually on the fairs, but the classical boat fairs as for example the boot Duesseldorf or the Austrian Boat Show Boot Tulln were cancelled Corona-conditioned, the personal exchange of the skippers among themselves and/or with the service providers from the boat industry can take place probably only if they begin again locally in the Marinas with the Auswinterung. SeaHelp tries to fill this vacuum of information by providing all water sports enthusiasts, not only boat and yacht owners, but also charter guests with the most important information in the form of livestreams via YouTube & Co. with a loose series of online videos.

The starting signal for the SeaHelp Livestreams falls on Friday, March 5 at 19.00 clock on the SeaHelp YouTube channel, when Christian Burmester of the MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH provides information on the topic of diesel pest, diesel aging and the consequences of dangerous fuel contamination.

Instead of at boot Düsseldorf now live in SeaHelp Livestream

Christian Burmester is well known, at least in SeaHelp circles: For years he has also been touring for SeaHelp members through Italy, Slovenia and Croatia to professionally clean diesel tanks. However, it doesn’t have to come to that. In his presentation, which incidentally is always well attended at trade fairs, he addresses the causes of diesel fuel contamination, which can only be prevented with suitable chemical agents, and impressively describes the consequences, which can repeatedly cause dangerous situations during operation.

Sustainable tips from the expert on the subject of diesel pest

In addition, he still goes into ways in which boat owners can help themselves in the future, for example, by installing an inspection flap in the tank.


Yacht and boat: prevent diesel pest in winter storage with additive
If you want to check your tank regularly, you should have such an inspection hatch installed. However, this can also be done with a bit of craftsmanship by yourself.


Diesel quality guaranteed for a maximum of six months

Christian Burmester:“Due to the Corona pandemic in particular, many yachts were used much less than in previous years, which means there is still a lot of old diesel in the tanks. If one considers that the mineral oil companies guarantee a maximum of six months for a constant fuel quality under favorable circumstances, everyone can ask himself once, how it is likely to be about his diesel in the tank.” Not yet taken into account is the condition of the fuel in the storage tanks of the water service stations after the sudden seasonal break.

Tank hygiene neglected after sudden travel warning?

In addition, the Austrian government’s ad-hoc travel warning in August (SeaHelp reported), caused many owners to virtually flee water sports destinations on the Adriatic, and most probably refrained from performing even a minimum of tank hygiene (fill up, additives).

Questions will be answered by the expert directly after the event

In his presentation, Christian Burmester will provide comprehensive information on this subject area and will be available to answer questions afterwards. Those who cannot make it to the event on Friday can, of course, follow the action later on YouTube.

Set up reminder to live stream

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Livestream on YouTube starts on 05.03.2021 at 19:00 clock


Always a tip: The SeaHelp YouTube Channel

By the way: a look at the SeaHelp YouTube Channel is not only worthwhile because of the lectures, here users can also always find helpful videos for the upcoming cruise planning. SeaHelp has already filmed a large part of the Croatian coastline from the air and is constantly expanding its video portfolio.

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