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Vacation Croatia 2021 despite Corona: entry and quarantine regulations are to normalize.

Entry Croatia: Facilitation on vacation Easter 2021
Normality should soon return to the borders with Croatia, as the first guests are expected by Easter at the latest. Let's hope that they will not be threatened with quarantine at home.


In Croatia, despite the Corona pandemic, preparations for the 2021 vacation season have long been underway. They are currently working on appropriate concepts that could allow travel again as early as Easter on a small scale and to certain regions with low incidence values. More importantly, however, assuming the epidemiological situation in the country does not change dramatically, normalcy could return to some degree as early as the beginning of May. SeaHelp editors have summarized the latest developments surrounding a vacation in Croatia to also help boat and yacht owners, as well as potential charter guests, make a decision.

Rapid antigen tests to replace PCR tests

Fact: EU states have now agreed on mutual recognition of rapid antigen tests, which could significantly ease the situation both when entering Croatia and when returning from Croatia to the respective home countries of vacationers. Germans and Austrians, in particular, should press for the swift implementation of these resolutions into national law.

Called for more differentiated approach to travel warnings

Against the backdrop of the International Tourism Exchange ITB, which is being held virtually in Berlin this year, Norbert Fiebig, president of the German Travel Association, raised the issue in a ZDF interview clearly formulated demands the policy: “The dull stigmatization of travel as a driver of the pandemic must finally cease, because it is not appropriate. In addition, a more differentiated approach should be taken to the designation of risk areas and travel warnings. It makes no sense to impose a quarantine, for example, of Mallorca, which has an incidence at the moment of 35 – if you then fly to Düsseldorf, with an incidence of 60. Who do we want to protect?”, asks Fiebig.

Union politician: “Destinations gradually open!”

And also Thomas Bareiß, tourism commissioner of the German government (CDU) hopes for faster vaccination and more tests. He says: “We have there the great hope that we can open the destinations step by step.”

Croatia: Safe-Stay-in-Croatia Further Improved

Meanwhile, in Croatia itself, the Croatian National Tourist Board has adapted and further improved the “Safe-Stay-in-Croatia“, which was already developed last year, to present Croatia as a safe destination.

Entry Croatia: is the vaccination certificate coming?

During a press conference, the head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, Krunoslav Capak shared, according to media reports, “We cannot say that there is a Covid passport or that its appearance has been defined. It is certain that in some time a decision will be made to cross the border based on the vaccination certificate”. However, he said, they want to wait for a common solution at the EU level.

Ministry of Tourism Croatia: First guests expected at Easter

The Croatian State Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Tonči Glavina was already clearer. He stated today after the meeting at government level that the first guests are expected from Easter. “We will link the protocols for border crossings and information for tourists with the protocols agreed in the EC. We are waiting to see what is agreed at this level regarding the so-called green passports or covid passports. Currently, the plan is to do this”, announced Glavina.

Entry and quarantine regulations to be adjusted

Adding up the facts, it is inevitable to conclude that there is movement in travel within the EU. The economic pressure from classic vacation countries like Spain, Italy, Austria and of course Croatia on both the EU and national governments is immense; in Croatia alone, about 20% of GDP depends on tourism. And the partial travel warning issued by Germany for Croatia is a first step in the right direction. We can only hope that Croatia will also adjust its entry regulations by Easter 2021 and that Austria will react accordingly.

Entry and quarantine regulations are adjusted


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