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Fuel emergency in Slovenia: Fueling gasoline and diesel becomes a game of chance

Fuel shortage Slovenia
Is there a threat of fuel shortages at gas stations for gasoline and diesel in Croatia, too, just in time for the vacation season? Crodux and Flash have already cancelled the Seahelp fuel discounts.

Fuel emergency in Slovenia: Vacationers and transients, who had looked forward to a cheap tank filling in Slovenia in view of the high prices for gasoline and diesel in their home countries, are currently increasingly going empty. Due to the capping of prices for gasoline and diesel in Slovenia, gas stations sometimes close as early as noon or do not open at all. The tip to refuel due to the favorable fuel prices when traveling to Croatia in Slovenia, you can currently safely forget.

Now applies: Who drives through Slovenia, should have at least for the route in Slovenia enough gasoline or diesel in the tank, because whether the fuel at the pumps is actually available, should become a game of chance for holidaymakers.

Artificial shortage of gasoline and diesel

First Croatia vacationers have already started sweating either on their arrival or on their return journey. The reason for this was not the high outside temperatures or a failed air conditioning system, but a shortage of gasoline and diesel that could not be remedied so quickly. Especially not at the gas stations along the highway, as the pumps were running out.

Fuel price cap decisive

The energy shortage in the Balkan states caused by the Ukraine crisis is probably responsible for this. Prices for fuel, or crude oil, have risen sharply on the spot markets in Rotterdam and are extremely volatile. Oil companies are only stocking up on the most necessary quantities – always hoping that the price could drop the next day. Coupled with a gasoline price cap on the part of the Slovenian government and an expected rush of vacationers in the direction of Croatia, the first supply bottlenecks will occur as early as midday, as tourists are currently reporting. And at the gas stations where the fuel is still in stock, long lines of cars form at the pumps for gasoline and diesel.

Transit passengers as “cheap tankers”

A Slovenian currently enjoying early summer in Pomer Marina sums it up: “Why should Slovenia also provide cheap gasoline and diesel to Croatia’s transiting vacationers?”

Fueling in Slovenia for vacationers a matter of luck

The capping of fuel prices in Slovenia from mid-May could also have consequences for Croatia in the long run. Here, too, the prices for gasoline and diesel were recently capped for an initial period of two weeks. If the purchase prices for crude oil, basic gasoline or diesel remain at a high level, it can be assumed that the oil companies in Croatia will also reduce the supply of fuel and vacationers will be threatened by similar scenarios as in Slovenia. Government intervention in the regulators of the market always has two sides, whether you like it or not.

SeaHelp fuel discounts suspended by Crodux and Flash

The first harbingers of the possible fuel shortage looming also in Croatia are already on the horizon. So Crodux and Flash have suspended the SeaHelp member benefits at their gas stations for the time being. Previously, there was at Crodux gas stations 10 Lipa discount for SeaHelp members through an advantage partner agreement and at the flash gas stations 15 Lipa discount per liter of gasoline or diesel. In the meantime, it is reported that the Adria Oil gas station in Mali Losinj also ran dry for boat owners for two days. Let’s hope that this is an isolated case.


Fuel emergency in Slovenia: fuel becomes more expensive in Croatia
Gasoline and diesel have also become expensive in Croatia. On the SeaHelp homepage, vacationers can find the day’s current prices for all fuels.


Croatia soon to be affected?

Market observers assume that the fuel shortage will not affect Croatia vacationers rather, since one is prepared straight in Croatia for the multiplicity of the individual tourists arriving with passenger car. Nevertheless it cannot hurt to reactivate the good old reserve canister and to carry along in the trunk. In addition, one should make sure to refuel in time, before the fuel gauge reports.

For boat and yacht owners applies: Who is not just on the road in the charter, avoids for refueling better the weekends, when the charter skippers shortly before the return of the yachts fill up their tanks and thus empty the supply tanks of the gas stations.

Fuel prices on SeaHelp homepage

In addition: On the SeaHelp homepage under the News are always the daily updated prices for gasoline and diesel. And, of course, we also provide information in the news on our homepage when the situation changes. Therefore, continue to activate push messages and do not miss any news.

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